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Tammy Turner

We have used Professional's Choice products very successfully. My son rides and trains a variety of horses and the Professional's Choice pad is his favorite. Would love to win a new one!


I have used Professional's Choice SMX Air Ride pads for more than 10 years and I bought my last one from Valley Vet which has good prices and a large selection.


I have a friend who makes custom fit orthopedic saddle pads to accommodate each individual horse working at its specific discipline. I usually order from him and then put a lighter pad over his to add the color and classy look I am trying to achieve.

Linda Harrison

I love my Charmayne James Prof Choice pad. Would love to try this one.

Linda Kaltenbach

We've tried a few and haven't settled on a favorite yet. That canyon pad looks awesome!

Kathryn Hamilton- Curtis

We don't have a nice pad that we love, professional choice is a product that we tend to go with. Made in USA is what we try to go with.

Rhonda King

I Really love the products from Professional Choice.

Cindy Harvey

I love the Professional's Choice products. I still have the first saddle pad by PC that I bought and it is in great condition. Would love another one for my daughter's horse.

Camellia Cross

At this time I am using a pad with more cushion on shoulder and it is split.I looked for a name but cannot find one. I had spent a long time trying to find a pad I could use in the summer and would work with my saddle. I train horses and own one as well. I cannot find a pad that I could use on all horse I'm training and put it on my horse without worrying about is slunking down.


Wish I had one

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