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Linda Willard

I've heard great things re: the smx air. I'd love to try it!

Lynn Blatta

We breed cutting bred Quarter horses and have used Professional Choice for a long time. We have several different pads but tend to use the pro choice the most. Ours aren't as pretty as this new pad will have to go have a look at the new ones.

Kathy Nawlin

My favorite saddle pad is 100% wool. Red and black stripe that came with my Simco saddle over 40 years ago. I've tried others but I still would like to find one made like the original.


I like any pad that seems to fit my horse just right. Had a hard time finding one so far as she has really high withers and the different ones I've tried keep bunching up after I tighten the cinch.

belinda hickam

any pad that keeps my horse in the best of comfort is good for me.

Janet Medley

I have several different brands of pads. Professional Choice pads are nice quality.

Teresa Campaign

I haven't found a favorite saddle pad, yet. One mare has a hump in her lumbar area, the other moves up and down like a slinky when she walks and gets rubbed. Both need some kind of pad compensation. I've tried many different kinds. The contoured, all wool seems to be coming closest for "slinky back".

Lori Fenn

I am still looking for that "perfect pad" but am currently using a Professionals Choice.

Michelle Houser

Pro Choice - Quality!

Bessie Hoilman

I love professional choice air ridr pads because i know that my horse is comfortable when she is giving me her all when we are barrel racing. I want to know that my horse doesn't get a sore back after her run. I treat her just like i would wsnt to be treated.

Susane Jones

I haven't found a saddle pad I like yet. I'm looking for one that is does not slip and is confortable for my horse. I currently use a fleece pad for my gaited horse and my saddle is always slipping.

Sue Murray

My favorite saddle pad is my Charmayne James pad. It's light weight yet thick in the right places. It doesn't rub my horse anywhere & fits all my horses. It fits my round skirt saddles & square skirt.

Dean Smith

Pretty well any pad that makes the horse comfortable is OK by me.

Ariel Meek

My favorite saddle pad is a C. James SMx Air-Ride OrthoSport Square Barrel Racing Pad. Tight fit, no slippage, just great on the barrels. Highly recommend this pad for barrel racing. We both love it.

Shannon Burrows

Professionals Choice

Mary Otto

I love any pad that fits and makes the horse comfortable.

Peggy Benson

I purchased a Classic Equine Biofit pad at Christmas. I have not decided if this is going to be good for my horse or not. I am always willing to try something new.

Valerie Whalen

I love my Trimline shimmable western pad. Quality made, good quality felt. I see a nice even sweat pattern. Best of all, my horse seems comfortable in it! Have heard very good things about Professional Choice pads, would love to try one.


I do use professionals choice and am pleased with them. Theyy hold up well and fit my horses just fine

Mary Jo Gardner

I use the 5 Star Saddle Pad. I just bought a new filly and she needs her own pad. So if it fits the horse, keeps her cool and is comfortable I'm willy to give it a try.

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