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Valerie Whalen

I love my Trimline shimmable western pad. Quality made, good quality felt. I see a nice even sweat pattern. Best of all, my horse seems comfortable in it! Have heard very good things about Professional Choice pads, would love to try one.


I do use professionals choice and am pleased with them. Theyy hold up well and fit my horses just fine

Mary Jo Gardner

I use the 5 Star Saddle Pad. I just bought a new filly and she needs her own pad. So if it fits the horse, keeps her cool and is comfortable I'm willy to give it a try.

Connie Shaw

Unfortunately, I have not ridden enough to formulate an opinion. The saddle pads that I have purchased have come from Tractor Supply Center. I ordered one online and I have no idea where it came from. I purchased based on the color-scheme. I would certainly like to know more about the best fit and comfort for my horse.

Maryanne Murray

I LOVE 5Star pads! Originally bought one for our mule, now have one for each of the horses. They fit very well on a variety of backs.

Ann Escajeda

I like and used an SMX saddle pad for 6-years. My quarter horse mare never showed any signs of a sore back, even after long desert trail rides. It's a good saddle pad and still looks new even after numberous washings.

Anita Mirgon

I don't have a favorite brand because I shop usually had to put budget over most considerations. I am planning to upgrade into a new saddle pad and I have researched the Professional Choice Pads and I like what I've seen and heard about them.

Sarah Jacque

Professional's Choice of course! Great quality and all of their stuff holds up really well to abuse and lasts a long time.

Melanie Baker

I love my Professional's Choice! They really do make great saddle pads. The one I have is wearing out. But it sure does a great job!

Sandra Stevens

I have no idea because I've never bought one before. But anything that would keep the horse cool and comfortable would be great.

Rae Ann Denny

I use good old felt pads. I use what ever color blanket I want on top. I have never had a horse get a saddle sore with that combination.

April Morrow

I look for pads that I feel will work with my horses. I have an older gelding and I have trouble find pads that work on him. I spent a lot of money one summer on pads for him and none of them worked. A lot of saddle pad leave welts on him and I have to use a saddle blanket under the pad. I have a professional choice pad I use on my mare. it was given to me by the lady I got the mare from and it works great with her. It is wool.

Rita Restieri

My favorite pad is the one that fits my horse BEST. Keeps her comfortable, dry and moves with her. If this one does that , I'd love to try/have it!!!

Leah Peterson

have not found the perfect pad yet, still looking...hopefully this one is it:)

Lyn Cobb

my favorite pad is a Wyngz saddle pad made in Arizona. it breaths, you can hose it off and it drys in minutes, an antibacterial sponge core, conforms to all horses and saddles and I have 14. they are amazing.

Peg Jenkins

WOW!'s been years since I've bought a new pad!...SO guess I should do some research..............

Amanda Lee

I currently use the sensorflex classic wool felt from equibrand and I love it! I had had a problem with my one horse with sore back and this has so much cushioning and conforms to his back so it fits just right. And it comes in awesome colors to match the rest of my tack. I also like how it absorbs shock, stays in place and absorbs sweat.

Loraine Milosevic

Five star saddle pads

Carmen Spears

I don't really have a favorite brand of saddle pad. I do only buy a pad that is contoured and I would love to try a Professional's Choice.

Susan Levi

I have never owned a great saddle pad. I don't even know where to start when I look....what is a 'gimmick' and what really works. My 4 horses all have such different backs...does it make a difference if I use the same pad for each horse. It is a confusing where there is very little help in purchase knowledge. I would love to try a great pad that keeps my horse comfortable for our long trail rides in the mountains of Colorado

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