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Katie Lyn

My dachshund slipped a disc in his lower back 5 years ago and I try to use essential oils for pain, sometimes homeopathic remedies, but most of the time I use prescription Metacam. I would love to try a more natural product like Natural Stride for his joints.

sandy palumbo

My shepherd will be 14 in Oct., and I have been giving her Natural Stride sprinkled on her food for about a year now. She loves the taste, and I think it is helping with her joint pain. Some days, she even wants to run. Thanks Natural Stride.


My 15 yr. old Anatollian is finally starting to show signs of his age so i would like him to be as comfortable and agile as he was in his younger years. I have used Natural Stride on our livestock and seen great results so using Natural Stride on my Anatollian seems like a logical choice.

Michelle Eubanks

My old lab has just been started on a condrotin and glucosamine supplement and is showing great improvement but id love to see how she does on this!

Britany Daniel

My 12 year old Akita is still going strong on glucosamine and fish oil pills and I feed him taste of the wild. I would like to see if this product could make even more improvement for him.

Chandra Kibbee

They are apart of our family so we do what we can to ease them into old age the same way we would like to deal with ours to make it comfortable

Donna Roberts

Kimmie was tough to watch as she grew old. Her memory seems to go and the other dog couldn't understand what was happening.

Alice Chevalier

It's sad to see Pepper age as she's been a companion and part of the family for years, so anything that could help her move and feel better would become a product I would purchase on a regular basis.

Sharon Nabors

My mom has a rescue shitsu,schnauzer mix that went paralized we took him in for back surgery and he is now walking but his back legs do not work well some times I can tell he hurts I would like to try natured stride to see if maybe it will help with his stifness, anything for our $4000.00 rescue he is more then worth it!

Stephanie Johannsen

Our 7 year old border collie/heeler mix gets a lot of TLC and is spoiled. A couple years ago he dislocated his hip, hind leg and tore some tendons in the hind leg and some days he seems a little slower getting up. I would love to try Natural Stride to see if that would make him a little more comfortable.


our senior shepherd is slowing down lately. i would not like for her to be uncomfortable or in pain as she ages. we think it is better to anticipate joint problems. sure beats dealing with crippling inflammation.

Carol Johnson

I have a 13 yr. old 65 lb. Shep/Wolf mix. Would like to try Natural Stride as she is
showing signs of aging.

ellen davidson

I'm using Cosequin

Heather Connor

Our 12 year old lab has joint troubles, and it's so hard to watch! We pair Natural Stride with a senior dog food AND maintain his healthy weight and he seems to get around pretty great and not be in pain!


I make sure our shepherd maintains a healthy weight so she doesn't. Have to bear any additional strain on her joints.

Margot Judd

All three of my GSD's are ten + years old. I am feeding them senior dog food for large breed dogs with supplements which seems to make them more comfortable.

tom r

I currently use rimadyl and cosequin for my 11 year old lab


My Jack russell is fed a food with added glucosamine and chondrotin as well as fish oil and probiotics.

Nancy & Neil Ashman

Forgot to state---the wrinkled noses were not there as the pain and stiffness increased and could not greet us like this. The wrinkled noses are the boxer's way smiling and I meant to say my stepfather-inlaw gave us this :}

Nancy & Neil Ashman

Using your product Natural Stride is worth the wrinkled noses we have on our two aging boxers. They don't struggle to get up and now run to greet us when they would just lay there and wait for us to come to them. What a heart-warming sight to see and knowing they have greatly improved with this! We have also reduced the shots we have to give. My step-father gave us this and we love it and so do our babies! Thank you!

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