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I give my lab joint supplements. Looking for something that will help him more.

Cassandra Darensbourg

I give my dog Natural Stride and vitamins

Cyn Syrjala

I have 2 dogs on Natural Stride. My rescue Aussie/Border Collie is 10 years old. He has severe hip dysplasia on one side and has had ACL surgery on his other knee, which now has severe arthritis. My 4 year old rescue German Shepherd mix has had ACL surgery on both knees, the first at one year and the second at 2 years of age! I tried standard glucosamine supplements, but didn't see real results until I started using Natural Stride! They both run around like puppies!


I tried a joint supplement my vet recommended, but did not notice a difference. I'd love to try Natural Stride to see if the active ingredients help my dog.

Patsy Sigloh

My big Lab has hip dysplasia. He has pain meds every day but I also give him salmon oil and Glucosamine and he had to lose 20 lbs. He is doing better than expected and can still climb onto the 4-wheeler with me.


I have tried giving my now 14 yr old golden retriever/pyranees mix (80 lb) chondroitin and glucosamine the human kind (the right dosage for dogs and adviced by veterinarians)
and also cosequin

However both medications seem to cause some colitis... dont know why... just know he starts getting lots of mucus on his poop...

So I would like to try Natural Stride and see if perhaps he is not affected by this and gets all the benefits.

He is taking rymadil everyday since January :-(


We give her joint chew supplements with glucosamine and CHONDROITIN SULFATE in them.

Rebecca Johnston

I actually use missing link for canine's to maintain my dogs health. I like it use it for my horses too so would be interesting to try another product for my dog and see the results..

Jackie Herman

We are currently using Tramadol and MSM to ease the arthritis aches on 2 of our senior 10 yr old Great Danes. It helps some but don't like giving drugs if possible. Would love to have something more natural.


We're currently using Medicam only for our 15-year=old Japanese Chin. We know his back is was when he was 5 due to a deformity. I know he hurts, but I cannot figure out anything else to do. our 10 year old Chin has an arthritic hip that is definitely cutting down on his exuberance.

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