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Ecatarina Nordahl

We feed our dogs as naturally as possible on our budget. No corn, no soy, no wheat. Mostly meats and rice. Keep them at a healthy weight and take them hunting whenever possible. MSM and chondroitins (sp) when they get older.

Allen Stewart

We have 3 little Yorkies. My Wife and I would love to see if Natural would help them.

Ellen Nelson

MY 5 year old terrier lost a front leg as a puppy & as a result the remaining shoulder is arthritic. She get a fish oil capsule and a dose of liquid glucosamine with MSM daily. Since starting this treatment, she is more active and mobile.

 desta hall

I have 3 senior dogs that have various arthritis and spinal problems. All 3 eat a prescription joint food (Hills J/D), and get glucosamine and fish oil supplements. One of them also gets Adequan injections (basically injectable glucosamine. Yet another gets acupuncture as well. I would love to try a different type of glucosamine supplement.

Tara Flores

I have a 7 year old Rottweiller with hip dysplacia. I give him Cosequin DS and Fish Oil. I also feed him Eukanuba large dog formula which also contains glucosamine and other ingredients. Unfortunately, I have to also give him Carprofen (pain med). Since I have put him on this regimen, he has not been in any pain. He even trots around with the younger Rottie that we have. Before this regimen, he was not able to do that. I have also been able to cut his pain meds in half and he is still doing well.


Just make them comfortable.

Aprille Hadsell

What do you currently do to help your pet with their aging process?

I have a 9 year old lab, Piper. We are facing a surgery to repair a torn ACL. What I have been doing to help her with the aging process is keeping her on a glucosamine supplement. She is also on fish oil to aid with joint care and also maintain a healthy coat.


My dad has an 13 year old beagle mix. Her name is Sara. She has trouble getting around now and mostly just sleeps. I keep trying to talk him into trying a joint supplement on her but he is very stubborn and won't. I would be nice to get this supplement for him to give her so he can see how much she would benefit for it.


Born with 'loose hips' I have my 8yr old Yellow Lab, Logan, on Nutra Silver powder joint supplement. He does very well on it, however, I am always searching for a 'competitor' product that works as well, if not better. My dogs(3)love to run all over the pastures & acreage together. If one doesn't feel good they all hang back. I would love to have them continue their "Freedom Run" as long as possible.

Paula Williams

I use Cosequin for my 12 1/2 yr Jack Russells now but your product sound interesting and would like to give it a try.

Lois M

I currently give my 6 year old Golden and 3 years old Yellow Lab joint medicine (recommended for the little one by my Vet so I figured it couldn't hurt the older guy) I would LOVE To try this for the two of them ... right now neither has any problems, but an ounce of prevention .... as the saying goes.

Evelyn Enteman

I would love to try Natural Stride on an older (have no idea how old) Golden Retriever I rescued after someone moved off and left her and what appeared to be her daughter. We just lost her daughter. Rosie is hanging in there but slow and painful.

Trish Brumfield

I give my dogs fish oil capsules and Duralactin and Dasuquin with MSM to help my seniors with their joints, eyes and hearts. They are my babies and I want what is best for them! Thank you!

Cassandra Johnson

Our 7 yr old Black Retriever is getting slower and I have been thinking about getting her a supplement for her joints

Pat S.

Our 10 year old yellow lab is so precious to us but he is really struggling getting up and down. We give him a baby asprin every day to try and aleviate some of his pain. We've tried some of the joint supplements that our vet recommends but he just won't eat them. I hope these are treat-like so he will eat them better. Thanks.

Melissa Taylor

My 12 y/o Jack Russell is a multi National and St ate racing champion.He rescued me 121/2 yrs ago I use CQ 10, a holistic senior food and glucosamine and chondritin but woukd love to try your product...I want to do aything I can to hekp him feel good and running free as long as possible.

Deborah Latham

I am currently giving my older australian shepherd 2 baby aspirins a day, but she is still stiff when she gets up.


My Australian Shepard recently had an ACL tear. I am looking to try this product to see if it is a good alternative to other products on the market.

Carol Asbury

My 13 year old part Shepard is on Dasuquin which doesn't seem to help. We're both getting old and suffering from the same problems. I would like to try Natural Stride for her.

Nancy Seagle

Maggie gets 3 daily walks a day. And I give her all natural food and treats.

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