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To keep our 14 year old Shorthair and 9 year Vizsla going, we make sure to give them a balanced diet of both dry and canned food, plus lot of fresh meat and veggies. Along with a vitamin and plenty of exercise.

Rebecca Morgan

To keep my dog healthy and help with his aging, I take him on routine walks and only give all natural dog treats. Also, keep him up to date with all his shots and routine vet check ups :)


I currently give Foster & Smiths aging products for my older dog. I would love to try Natural Stride


I currently use Foster & Smith's aging products for my older dog. It helps some but I would love to try Natural Stride for her.

Dana Rivinius

I have a 6 yo English Springer that plays so hard she is sore for days. I started her with NaturVet which helped for a while, but the soreness and stiffness was gotten worse. I switched her to Cosequin DS with MSM and although she is still on the higher quantity, I haven't seen any significant decrease in her symptoms. She has been checked by vet and has nothing physically wrong--just plays too hard. I'm ready to try something else

gloria Miller

I use PAIN AWAY joint & back pain relief, but I am always looking for something to help him


I have just started noticing my 9 year old heeler starting to slow down. I don't currently give her anything but would love to try this product.

Christina Pettro

My 8 year old Yellow Lab, True, was rescued 3 years ago and at that time weighed in at over 100 lbs! She's down to under 80 but the effects of carrying all that weight remain with her. She has very bad arthritis in her shoulders and back legs and some days she limps heavily. I give her Previcox and Cosequin DS plus MSM, a fish oil capsule and Vitamin E. I also massage her in the evenings. We are a sight walking around Los Angeles, two "old" ladies that limp. However, we persist and loosen up as we go. I would love to find something that gives her more relief.

Crystal Bowser

I'm using Cosequin for my 13 year old German Shepherd. We've had him since he was 6 months old...and he has grown up with our kids (our oldest is 13). I would love to try this.

marcia linz

I give Cosqain DS to my older dogs.

Cara Cooper

I use Cosequin DS for my 11 year old she has slowed down and sometimes hurts kind of all over on cold damp mornings. So I would love to try this on my girl to see if it works better.

Carol Kaler

I have a 4 year old Lab/English Pointer Mix. Currently he is not on any additional supplements but the kibble he eats has some glucosamine and chondroitin in it. I would like to start him on a supplement now before he starts with any issues. We live on acreage where my horses are and he loves to run in the pasture.
He also like to sneak in my senior horses stall and help him eat the senior feed that's full of glucosamine and chondroitin ! It's never bother him and my vet said its ok for him to eat.

Kay Beckel

My Kali is only 3 and has had a bit of issues with her joints. I have her on a different joint med. but would love to try Natural Stride for dogs.

Jamie Morris

I currently use Synovi G3 but it doesn't have the same results for all of my veterans...would love to try something new!


I give my dogs Cosequin DS Plus MSM, HipFlex 3, honey, lithe tea, and kelp with joint supplements. Water therapy, laser therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, reiki, and TTouch round out our additional activities.

Jaye Laughlin

My 2 shelter dogs, one 4 years old and the other 6 years old, have both been on a glucosamine-chondroitin-msm supplement since I got them to try and ward off the arthritis and joint issues my 2 previous dogs had, and the need to give Rimadyl.

Jan Wheeler

I give my dog Rimadyl and senion dog food.
He still suffers with sore hips

Laura Cedrone

We have two 6 year old Golden retrievers and both have hip problems and one has knee problems we use Aller G-3 and Dasuquin with MSM. We feed Nutro Natural Lamb with rice and Nutro Lite. I would love to try something to help them. It seems nothing really is helping now.

david silberman

I do not give her anything but love Is there something truley great out there that will help her through this bstage of her life


I use Glucosamine EZ Joint Chews that I purchase from my veterinarian. They have really seemed to help with the joint stiffness.

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