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Jan Canaday

show sheen for tangles and fly spray that can be used on horses and dogs.


My favorite is the veterinary liniment as it helps my aging horse stay young and healthy after a long ride. He deserves the best and the veterinary liniment helps him feel his best.

Dawn Seidl

I LOVE Show Sheen Products. I have a horse that poops on himself all the time and now I can easily clean him up! :)

Celsey Gilliam

The liniment gel! That stuff works wonders for stuff joints!!! :)

Cheryl Brinkmann

Show sheen works wonderfully on my two Tennessee Walking Horse Mares. They have luxurious tails and manes, Show Sheen makes them smooth, smelling fresh, and not sticky...Yea!

Kate Tracy

The original liniment. It works great on stiff joints and sore muscles. Wonderful stuff!! :)

Linda Vislosky

I love absorbine linement gel. It's easy to apply and lasts awhile.

nina a.

I love the Absorbine Liniment gel and fly sprays.
The gel because it's super easy to use, goes on smooth, smells good and works!
Fly sprays because my horse doesn't break out in hives, they work and they last. They also don't leave a sticky residue on my horses coats when applied for weeks on end.

Jan Ely

Absorbine liniment. Have used it for 30+ years on my thoroughbred race horses. Great on legs and as a rinse after a race or workout.

trisha wells

Showsheen of course! It help my boys look good.


Gotta say that the Ultra Shield fly spray is my favorite. It keeps the flies off and works for a long time.

Kaycie Timm

As many have said, I LOVE the show sheen! It's variety of uses makes it the perfect show/barn go-to product. Although every Absorbine product I have ever used has been marvelous, another of my favorites is the Absorbine detangler.

SaraJo Slaughter

I love using the Show Sheen spray. My horses always looks spectacular when I use that whether Im in the ring or not! I love to use it to show off anytime! :)

Mary hays

The fly control products are the BOMB!!! Also love love love the show sheen!!!!

Jean Parr

My favorite Absorbine product is Show Sheen. Love it for detangling and making manes and tails look their best in the show ring.

Debbie Behling

Showsheen for sure! We have a rescue and if it wasnt for showsheen there would be a lot of horses up for adoption with cut off tails and shaved manes :( It works so well that after we get all of the dreadlock, mats, and tangles out...we are able to keep all of the dead / loose hair, and make it into bracelets for the future adopter. Sometimes there is even enough to make extras to sell to raise money for the rescue. No matter what they've been through they always feel better with a nice smooth and shiney mane and tail :)

rebecca oberstar

I love them all but absorbine works great on my sore muscles also! and I love the smell..takes me back to my first horse.

Rebecca Johnston

Guess I am torn between the great show sheen and your plain old liquid absorbine. I just love both products and use them on all my horses.

Tammy Morga

showsheen !! Like how it makes the horses hair feel

Michelle Drum

My favorite Absorbine product has to be has to be the Santa Fe coat conditioner. I have used it for several years and it makes there coats nice and soft with a true shine. Additionally it has coat sunscreens in it to keep there coats from bleaching out in the summer. Love this stuff. :) Additionally it's not terribly expensive and does not make there coat 'slick' like show sheen does.

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