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Linda Ferris

My favorite Absorbine product is just the good old fashioned liquid in the bottle with the sponge for the applicator. I use it on my elbows for my tendinitis and we also use it on our old horse around his joints for stiffness. It helps both of us. My Grandma used Absorbine for as long as I can remember every day and never went without it. Absorbine is a family tradition!

Kathy Halcomb

I love the ultra shield fly spray.

Lanora Doud

Love the Show Sheen products...

Matthew Covey

The Show Sheen is amazing stuff. Works to keep knots from forming and make it soooooo much eaiser to remove them when they do!

Claire Passman

Showsheen has to be my favorite! It makes my horses incredibly shiny, and keeps their crazy tails knot free! People cant get over how blindingly shiny and soft my two horses are! I've been tempted to use it to untangle my own hair lol. And the liniment gel has to be a close second favorite. I use it on my horses and myself! Great stuff!

Joan Strebeck

Absorbine Jr linement. Works wonders!

Mousy Us

DuraGuard is my favorite! Love the long lasting/sweat proof formula.


My favorite is the liniment - but a clsoe second is the ultrashield flyspray. The liniment does wonders with swollen legs. After my horse had a surgery for a bowed tendon, my vet said it would be swollen forever. Daily care with Absorbine liniment meant that a year later he had to ask me which leg we did the surgery on!


I LOVE the Absorbine Ultra Shield Fly Mask. It is very durable - no rips, plus provides protection from UV rays.


I love the Linament! I sponge my horses down with it after a good workout- its so obvious they feel instant muscle relief from it!

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