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I use the liniment gel on equine & human. It is particularly helpful on a skin condition my horses get in the fall. For tangles, burrs & sticktights nothing compares to Showsheen. They slide right out and do not re attach easily for days or up to a week.

Pat Van Nostrand

UltraShield Fly Spray is the best to repel stable flies and mosquitoes! I also love Showsheen and could not do without it to untangle manes and tails.

Brenda Bryan

I have been using Hooflex for over 15 years. This is an outstanding product that lives up to its name. I have tried almost every other hoof product for moisturizing dry, cracked hooves and no other product can stand up to it. I recommend it to all of my other barn buddies. Truly outstanding product!!!!

Rachel Vida

Absorbine veterinarian ligament gel has become a go to for both animals and people in our home! I first started using the gel ligament when I was 10 years old on my Morgan horse. After a good work out, I would rub down his shoulders and his nose would drip. I noticed how good my hand felt after using it on my horse and that's when it became a go to product for aches. Now, over 10 years later, I use Absorbine gel and recommend it to friends and family to ease their aches and pains. If you have ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you'll remember the Dad saying "Put some Windex on it." Well, I say "Put some Absorbine on it." Whenever a friend/family member has anything from a pulled muscle, arthritis, to strep throat I recommend them using Absorbine. (When I have a sore throat, I put the gel on my neck, then a turtle neck and the gel heats up and my throat feels so much better!) One of the funniest Absorbine wearing moments was my Mom wearing it to a black tie dinner and one of the doctors there complemented how wonderful she smelled. Overall, I use and enjoy several Absorbine products, but the gel ligament is my favorite. I can't say enough good about Absorbine!


It's hard to go without many of the items, so hard to pick just one, but the liniment gel is the deal breaker!

Shannon B

the liniment is an all time favorite

Sandra Stevens

I like the fly spray. It works well and seems to go a little further than others.


My favorite Absorbine product is the Showsheen. I wouldn't survive show season without it!

Rae Nenninger

Absorbing gel liniment is my favorite! It has rescued my 25 yr old 1/4 draft many times during long distant trailering and hours of long mountain rides! I apply before and after and responds instantly to it's soothing touch! I always have several bottles on standby in the barn, trailers, saddle packs and even in my house. I am 69 yrs young and have arthritis of the spine, legs and ankles. Your absorbing gel gives me instant relief and extends my rides from minutes to comfortable hours on my Tucker saddle.
I never leave home without it! I also use many of your other products, but the gel liniment is my absolute favorite! Rae


Absorbine Liniment is my absolute favorite. Not only do I use it for my horses, but I use it on myself to sooth the sore muscles for so much time in the saddle. Does the trick everytime!

Tara Patten

My favorite Absorbine products are the liniment (and Refreshmint!) and also the "green" line of fly products (gels, sprays). Hooflex liquid conditioner is also a go-to of mine. I would always use the liniment on myself as well, but I had purchased the Absorbine Jr. products (for humans) a little while ago and I love them!

P.S. I "liked" this post on FB, but for some reason this page won't let me log into my FB account.

Cortney Ritter

Absorbine ShowSheen Show Ring Shine is outstanding, and by far my favorite product! Yes, it's hard to say in a hurry, but it's worth every single penny on the trail, and in the ring. Thank You WF Young, for keeping some of the original tried and true products still in the marketplace!

Ann Jentz

The fly control products are wonderful.

Rita Stessney

That would have to be the UltraShield Ex Fly Spray. I will not buy anyother fly spray!

andrea lizenbee

I like the gel liniment which worked well for my sensitive skinned apply and the Refreshment bodybrace which gave my horse a nice cooling wash after a ride. Asorbine gives the best for my horse.

Ellen Cabler

There are so many excellent products to choose from, but as this is the height of fly season, I would have to choose UltraShield Fly Spray! Thanks for continuing to having these quality equine items.


Absorbine UltraShield Fly Spray is awesome.


Show Sheen! I have been using it for many years. My Arab looks even better after using your product.


All good products but, Absorbine liniment in the gold bottle and Showsheen are my favoite. :)

Stephanie Druckenmiller

My favorite Absorbine product is the ShowSheen detangler I have yet to find a product that works as well at getting through tangles and leaving a lustrous shine,and smells so good.

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