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Ultrashield EX Fly Spray and Showsheen


UltraShield Fly Spray! Actually I like all the products.. But flies are the big one now...

Jill Long

I love the UltraShield Fly spray, it works great and my paint filly loves it too!!!!

Gabrielle Bradway

I love the Absorbine liniment! I use it for my old Quarter Horses after I bathe them and after they have been worked hard. It keeps their arthritic joints going and keeps them from getting sore. This is a must have in my horse trailer and my barn!

Sandy Reuther

I love the show sheen. Makes them look great and helps the bath to last longer.

Susan Nelson

Gel liniment is the best post workout formula out there. My horse works hard for me, he deserves the best!

Rita Nicholson

Love the sho sheen and the fly spray. Couldn't get through the summer without these products.


Ultra Shield EX fly spray


Love the gel liniment! makes it much easier to apply directly than the regular liquid.


My favorite Absorbine product is Ultra Shield EX fly spray. I use it on my horses everyday in the summer. I have also started to use Hooflex on my horse's cracked front hoofs and it seems to be helping. Thank you for all of your great products. My horses thank you too!

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