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Jennifer Hanson

If I can only choose one favorite Absorbine product then I would choose the Ultrashield Ex fly spray. It works better than any other brand (and I've tried many brands), and I love the smell too. We live way out in the country and are surrounded by cattle farms. The black flys are horrid and relentless. Have you ever seen a swarm of flies? I hadn't until yesterday. I lightly sprayed the horses and wiped some on their face and the flies vanished. The spray also works very well on the ticks, they swarm out here too :-). My horses would be miserable if not for the success of your products. (The Showsheen works amazingly on forelock "unicorn horns" made from cockleburs.)
Thank you for your products!!!
- Jenn

Joy Koepke


Denise Anderson

Love the good old tried and true Absorbine liniment in the gold bottle. I use it on my horses' arthritic knees. Smells great and doesn't burn my skin (or his!)


i like their grooming products thanks for the wonderful giveaway and have a great day


The liniment in the gel form. Very handy at horse shows.

Kelly Hamilton

Love the liniments. I love them so much that occasionally I'll use them on myself.

Richard Kuykendall

Great fly control products

Tara Bell

My favorite Absorbine product would definitely be the Dura Guard Fly Spray. I've tried so many other fly sprays and they just don't work as well. I love Absorbine products and would love the chance to try more out.

Suzanne Rhodes

I use many Absorbine products. My favorite is the medicated shampoo and medicated spray. My horse has sweet itch and they work great for it!

Vicky Berry

Just one? So hard to do. I personally love the original liniment. My Dad used it on his tired muscles and I do too. The horses love it too. Most of all I love the way Show Sheen detangles, cleans and shines. I am part of a Rescue and all the horses have a good antibacterial bath and show sheen. They glisten. Thank you for staying true to your original formulas.

Marcia Hendricks

I like the Ultrashield EX fly spray it works great on my horses and dogs.
I also like the linament.

Bronya Redden Amos

Showsheen - keeps them clean and seems to help keep the ticks off too!


Although its hard to narrow it down, I think ShowSheen has to be my favorite product. Whenever we get a new horse that hasn't had much grooming, I attack their mane and tail with ShowSheen! It works wonders and keeps the hair silky and detangled for a long time after application.

Miranda Walt

My favorite is the Veterinary Liniment. It does wonders for my mare who has ring bone. I love it and I know she loves it too.

Sharon Horn

Show sheen keeps my show horse shiny and dust free!!


I love absorbine liniment! great for horses, and i've been known to steal it and use it as well!


I love show sheen. My horse is chromey anyway but when I add show sheen--he's a heart stopper! I also love the fly spray. He hates the sound of fly spray so I always use the wipe-on fly repellent for his face and it saves us BOTH a lot of headache!

Leslie Patrick

My "herd" couldn't get through Summer without Ultrashield and Absorbine liniment gel... especially in the Arizona monsoon season!

Rebecca Folk

My favorite Absorbine product would have to be ShowSheen! I love using this for everything with my horse. It works great as a detangler for her mane and tail while adding shine as well. I'll spray it over her body to give her a youthful glow (my mare is 27 so she needs the extra shine!). And the best part is its affordable price which allows for more beauty treatments for my horse!

margaux Buchanan

I ADORE Linamint, every polo pony of mine gets it on all tendons after ANY hard match. I also use the show sheen to keep them looking their best. Asorbine products keep my horses at their best, inside and out!

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