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Linda Kaltenbach

I have been loyal to another brand for a while now but would love to try Justin.

Michelle Mallory

I love round toe =)

Trina Reyes

I love the round or sleek square toe in neutral colors!


Square toe, classic style! :)

Melanie Baker

I like a classic, rustic Western boot style.

Jada Staples

I personally like square toed boots with colorful tops :) I have a pair of all turquoise boots with white them and all sorts of boots!

Terrie Vacek

Snip Toe for me!!! :)
I love me some boots!!!


My black Justin ropers are my go-to boot for dressy occasions.


I like the round toe in classic colors. The newer styles and colors are interesting but not for me. The classics can be worn with anything.

Chris Elefson

Classic style with color - PINK!

Elizabeth Diaz

Snip toe boots are definitely my favorite!

Sharon Kimes

Classic style and PINK is my signature color!

Andrew Eckles

I prefer the wide toes for comfort and the classic styling that goes with anything I wear. I have 2 identical pairs that I wear on alternate days.


I have wide, short feet so I tend to go for a roomier toe box. I've had dusty rose, black, burgundy, yellow, antiqued...I like them all!

jim jacobs

Nothing like a good boot.

Melinda Erdley

I like the good ol' fashioned boot.


Always looking for a boot that is comfortable and affordable, never have enough of them being around the horses.


I like round toes and plain colors that don't show where my horse stepped on my foot.

Susan Aranda

Bought my first pair of Justin's a couple of years ago. I still have that original pair, I wear them every day to work the farm and they are still going strong!! Have bought more since then of course. They are so comfortable, I have never and will probably never buy any other boot than Justin's!!!
I like the round or square toed because they seem to fit my wider feet better than any other style. I love some of the bolder colors and styles just as well as the quieter more subtle ones.
Justin Rocks!!

Sandra Stevens

I have small,wide feet, so it's hard to find boots that fit right. There aren't a lot of choices in a 5.5W. I like colour, but not to bright and any type toe, so long as it's comfortable.

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