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I have come to like the square toe boot and Love bright color boots!!!

Lori Preston

I love the square toe boot and any color is fine by me. I love Justin boots <3

Shelley Smith

I like round and classic but I have thought about getting a square toe and bright upper. I just need to try on a pair. I need to get with the trend.

Shawn truesdale

Round toe classic and bright

susan sehl

love the square toe and the classic colours,since the classic look will always be in style. These boots will remain with you for a long time and will always be your favourite everytime


Wide toe and classic styling! What more do you need?


Square toe!! The brighter the better :)

Leslie Starkey

I like the round toed ropers, with my wide feet they are much more comfortable.


Tweeted about the giveaway:

Kim Anderson

I love the square toe style in almost any variation with a dark brown, dusty, or chocolate colored foot. I love Justin boots they're so comfortable and all I wear western. Winning these boots would be the PERFECT birthday gift for m birthday on Monday July 15th!

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