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Janel A. Moore

I like the round and the square toe in a wide size. I have a pair of Justin. I am so pleased with them. The classic style is my choice, but I sure do like the wild colors also.

Debra Teague

Have worn Justin boots for years, even the workboot style.They are hardworking comfortable boots,would love a new pair.I like the round toe, classic style but I like the colors you have shown as well.

Mary Jo Santangelo

I don't own a true pair of boots, this would be my first pair. I would like round toe in traditional style.

Karin Draxl

I like my Justin Boots with a round toe and classic style. Nothing flashy but sturdy and durable for work around the barn and riding. Justin boots do a great job at it.I could use a new pair

Michelle O'Dey

Round tow classic look boots are my favorite. Love Justin boots. I have had many pairs over the years and always love the fit.

Deon Brown

I love my Justin boots, bought my first pair back in 1994 in La. Their lace ups, that was the in style back then and I still love them today! Round toes, black lace ups...liked them so well, went back and bought another pair for good. They really have held up well, my everyday pair have been through the timber, fence, mud, pond all on horse back! Love them!

Marie Adele R. Gonzales

I like a round toe and I love Justin boots - they fit and are great wearing and hard working


I like the wider look as it fits my feet better...

I love the color purple, so any boot with purple on it catches my eye!


Wish I had o ne

Linda Harrison

The brighter the better, and I like the round toes. Justins are my favorite boots too.


I like classic styling with either round or snip toe.


I like a wide, practical, comfortable toe and classic, natural colors and styling. No bling for me, please - I don't want to have to clean mud off rhinestones!


Narrower square, snip or round--I like them all. Colors on top can be just about anything.I also love the various detail in the stitching. Justin American made boots are a favorite in our house.


like them all


I like square toed leather soled boots. Easy to dance in, look great under long jeans & easy to dress up or down. Justin is a way of life to me and my family!

Sue Ladwig

I like my boots in a classic color, hate pointy toes!

Holly Traxler

I use to would only wear the round toe boots but lately I like the square toe better. As for as color I like the bottoms to be the classic style but I like my tops to have color.

Kathryn Hamilton- Curtis

Justin boots are our family favorite. Snip toe and round is the toe we tend to wear. Any color or classic works for us.

Rhonda King

I like the Wide Boot. I like any color.

Leatha Moon

I have never had a pair of Justin Boots but am very interested after reading the comments posted on them. I have a hard time finding comfortable boots so the rounded toe looks very comfortable and the colors shown are appealing also.

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