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I'd probably need the wide toe, and I like classic style. :)

Melissa Asher

I love the square toe boots and boots in
about any color! What a wonderful belated birthday
gift that would make!

Pattie Weibel

LOVE the round toe !!!

Sue Emanovsky

I like the round toe best I think but anything with a wide toe works. Just don't care for my feet being constricted. As for colors I like the classic leather colors, I'm an old lady. Don't need my feet screaming at me and passersby.

Ryan Nelson

I like round toe and classic style!!

Candy Cornell

I like the square toe boots the best, for both look and comfort. I like most any color except pink. I've had black, brown, white, red, blue and burgundy boots in the past. Mine are getting worn out, it would be nice to have a new pair for wearing out!

sarah hale

square toes have bit more comfort for my liking, of course neutral toe and bright or patterned tops look cool even with as much dont like to say skirts,yes skirts, however jeans are still my favorite next to my boots

Linda Brown

round toe, always is a comfortable boot. love them.

Carole Town

I like classic round toe boots!


I like mens plan boots

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