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Jan Canaday

Your job is your school. Learn everything you can because it will provide you with the opportunity for the best job possible!

Brandy Mertin

There will lots of have to's in your life. When there is a choice and there is always a choice, pick the one that makes you want to be better. Enjoy living in the now but do prepare for the future with a good education in a field that fits you. That you enjoy and can enjoy doing for a long time. A career with room for more education and room for expansion and growth in you.


On the first day of kindergarten I was so excited to get on the school bus. I marched right on and was perplexed to see some mothers on board and some children crying. Not me!

Kerri Yen

My advice to the kids of younger generations like your sons would definitely be to try to focus on education and grades, instead of worrying about fitting in, etc. After all, good grades will get you into a good college plus a good job, and where is the money you need to pay for riding lessons or a horse going to come from? Also, I think choosing one sport or some kind of extracurricular activity and focusing on it and getting really good at it is very important, rather trying ever activity but not being very proficient in any of them. But remember to have fun, cause we only have one life to live!

Jan Cobb

My advice to the youth of today (and I share this often with the members in my 4-H club) Take some time to have fun but stay focused on your education because without a good education you won't be able to afford that horse, truck, trailer and all the things that make up the equestrian lifestyle you enjoy now...and thank your parent(s) for making it possible.

Sharon Holbrook

You can't pick your relatives, and you can't pick your neighbors and you can't pick your coworkers, so make sure you pick friends who will support you and encourage you.


My advice is be true to yourself, do not let others push you to be something you are not or are comfortable being or to do something you are not comfortable doing. Trust me when I say you will earn more respect be being true to yourself. It may not seem like it at the time, because kids can be very, very cruel, but it will be worth it in the long run. Stick up for yourself and stay strong!


My advice is that things get better. The way you feel in school is not hoe you will feel as a grown up. Don't let other people or the stresses of school get you down.

Lynnae 1969

I would give the advice to learn all you can in high school, make those years count. Your GPA does matter later in life. It's important to have fun because these are the best years of your life but also it's important to take your school work seriously. Never ever stop learning! :)

Tammy Tillman

Favorite memory..being a country girl I had to drive my dad's OLD Dodge Truck to school and it rattled and sputted and shook all over the place! But it was so fun! I remember it like yesterday. Other kids from town would say they wouldn't drive that old thing...but I knew I had a ride and I knew I didn't have to ride that bus for over an hour to get to I was one happy camper!

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