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Lanora Doud

Favorite memory...getting to drive to school and park in the lot for the students.


Favorite memory was the first year I got to ride my bike to the school bus alone :)

Evelyn Cunningham

Don't get your pleasure from someone else's pain! Bullying hurts everyone involved even those on the sidelines. Don't do it, don't tolerate it and don't watch it. Talk to a teacher, parent, bus driver, aide, anyone. Put a stop to it. Eveyone will feel better.

Jasmine Pumphrey

It was my freshman year in High School and I was going to be gone 3 days for the KS State Fair and my English teacher told me that my parents were just going to have to change the schedule so I wouldn't miss school next year. We went back and forth like this all year long, and I ended up with the same English teacher my sophomore year. That year I missed the whole week for state fair and she never said a word. After that she was always asking me when my next show was and when I would get back she would ask how I did!!!

If you have to be gone try and get assignments as soon as possible and turn them in as soon as you can and Teachers will tolerate you being gone!


My favorite back to school memory is of 2nd grade on the first day of school we got butterflies! Well it was pupua's that turned into butterflies. At the end of the year we went to her farm and learned about all her animals. She was one of my favorite teachers.


My favorite memory of school is a very OLD one. I was neighbors with a tough big boy named Brad. He had a great palomino mare we took turns riding. On the first day of kindergarten Brad was so upset that his mom left him that he was crying uncontrollably. But I put my arms around him and told him it was OK. He finally stopped crying and we made it through that first day of school together. And though many more years after that!!

Melanie Baker

A fond school memory is that on the last day of school my family and some friends would go to Farrells ice cream parlor and have hamburgers and a shake to celebrate the end of the school year.

T.A. Sampson

Enjoy and work hard every day, for what you learn now is not only the textbook knowledge, but the life experiences that will make you the person you will be as an adult. Be kind to others, including yourself. Forgive those who act out of hate and misunderstanding, befriend those who need one.

Michele Fernandez

Just go! it seems like you'll be in school forever, but trust me - the rest of your life is a lot longer so just go to school and dont be afraid to question your teachers!


Advice. Go to school everyday, do your homework, bring a writing utensil to class, and put your name on your papers!

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