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Kris M.

Childhood goes by so fast. Spend this time learning new things, enjoying life and being the best person you can be. Be honest and fair in judgement. Be a good friend to have good friends. Put forth an honest effort towards any activity (test, paper, sport, etc) you are going to participate in. And no matter what everyone else is doing, be yourself and make your own decisions.

Lynn B

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thanks for the chance!

Lynn B

Be true to yourself and accept others for who they are. Learn all you can because now you have the time and the ability. Try new things- create. Have Fun because it will go by faster then you think!

Patty Martin

My advise to any young person in school is work hard as you will never get a second chance to do it again but also enjoy all the fun parts too. This is where you are building your life and your character. This is where you become...YOU! Funny how you can't wait to graduate but it isn't long till you are missing your school days. They seem like they are hard now but in truth these are your easy days. So study hard, do your best and enjoy all the good times too.

Linda Albert

Instead of having fun, I wish I had paid more attention to learning while in high-school. Can't go back and redo it. I made up for it in college and it has paid off.


Don't be a fish. Be a fisherman.

Gara cannon

If anyone picks on you or bullies don't be afraid to speak out to a teacher or even the principal.

Laurie Sherman-Roberts

Don't just follow the pack. You know right from wrong so make the best choices you can. Try your best to always be kind. Smile and see how it makes others smile back. You just might brighten someones day.

Loretta Grosset

I think one of my best memories from school was when I was in first grade. We took a field trip to a boy's and girl's camp called Rawhide Ranch where they did summer vacations and they taught you how to ride a horse on a bareback pad.
When I got home from that field trip, I told my mom that I wanted to go there that summer. She figured that I would and she actually knew the owners, the Chowns as she helped in the delivery of their son Robert Chown who know rides and trains NRCHA horses.
I went to Rawhide Ranch for many summers and I learned not only how to ride, but take care ofanimals, amongst many other things.
As far as advice to teenagers. The word "can't" should never be in your dictionary. You can do anything you want to do if you set your heart and mind to it. No one expects you to be perfect at everything you do, but people will always recognise and respect those folks who try their hardest.

Shanna Woolf

Getting a new pair of boots, and gearing up for stockshow season!


My favorite back to school memory is the first day of school. I would take a picture of my triplets in their new outfits with their backpacks, every year. Miss those days!

marla morris

would tell young people to find out early in live the best way they learn, hearing, reading, writting. Then use their 2 strong abilities to study and learn in school.

Shannon B

I have very fond memories of many of my wonderful teachers.

Sue Ladwig

Hey kids! Don't let classmates, teachers, lunch ladies, coaches, bus drivers or anyone else tell you who you are and who you can be. There are those out there who will bully you, try to hold you back, call you and adults alike, and sadly, even parents. These would keep you down, they don't want you or anyone to rise above their level. Don't get sucked into playing that game. Do your best each day. Don't let your dislike of a particular teacher keep you from your best - that's just playing their game, and you will always lose. As in riding a horse, always look ahead to where you want to be!

Rhonda King

My advise is to cherish this time that you have in High School because it will be over before you know. The next 4 years will be the best but will go by very fast.

lois reeves

Listen & learn!
When you get older you will come to believe that teachers (like parents) are pretty smart.

Sherri Gibson

Sending my daughter to kindergarten the first day... Told her all thru school to join any activities you're interested in and stay away from the bad crowds. Do your own thing n don't worry what others think or r doing... Be yourself! And finally, watching her graduate high school! We made it thru with just the 2 of us! Good and bad times we did it together!

Maureen Kirk-Detberner

My favorite back to school memory was getting new white and black saddle loafers to wear to school when I was 10. They were so pretty and very stylish.


Sonja D.

My favorite back to school memory is from my freshman year of high school. Before the start of the school year, my mom took me to the school to talk to the band director (I think to be sure the school could loan me a French horn since she couldn't afford to rent or buy one). While she was talking to him, I noticed some older girls making copies of sheet music, so I went over and offered to help. When the band director came out and saw me helping, he offered to make me one of the band librarians, which was an officer position. I happily accepted, and became the first ever freshman band officer!

Some of the best memories I have from school (from 4th grade on through my senior year of high school) were made in band. I am grateful to all the band directors for their dedication to instilling the love of music in their students.

shannon bourassa

My favorite memory about the first day of school was my mom would always have me stand in the entry way with my new backpack and lunch pail in my new school clothes and take a picture of me before leaving. I have carried on this tradition with my kids and I keep it in a scrapbook of what exciting things that happened that year.

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