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Linda Kaltenbach

Enjoy it while you can. Grown up life and responsibilities come fast enough......

Ellen Cross

My fondest memories are from the old one room country school where I went for kindergarten and 1st grade. We had one teacher who taught all 6 grades, plus she swept the classroom and shoveled snow!! You sure don't see that anymore! There were 26 pupils and we all got along. We all had individual attention and it paid off in the future years. She made sure we allknew how to read, write and do our arithmetic!! My 5 older siblings loved it too!! It's just too bad all of the country schools have been shut down and students had to be sent to the 'city' schools. (Although I don't miss the outhouse)!!! God Bless America!!

Billy Meyer

I waited until my senior year to care about my grades. Even though I was on th honor roll it wasn't good enough. My GPA was way too low to get much of anything in the way of college acceptance.

Make sure you put forth the effort the first time. That way you won't have to try and make up for your mistakes later.

Ryan Ritter

Take some time to really think about what you want to do in life, and then do anything you can to work towards that goal. But, above all else, remain true to who you are, and have as much fun as possible. Life is too short to not have a bit of fun every day.

Linda Hellebrand

My fondest memory is being the "new kid" in second grade and being assigned a "big sister" to show me the ropes,,,,she turned out to be my best friend for the rest of our school years and to this day.

Shelby Burns

People always told me: High school doesn't matter, they look at your ACT/SAT scores most... It doesn't matter how you do in high school. They were WRONG, every college, grant or scholarship application I have filled out requests both your High School GPA AND your class rank, which I feel is an extremely skewed statistic, but they DO look at your high school stuff, moral of the story!

carol vale

My favorite memory was riding the school bus for the 1st time.

Carolyn Twardowski

Kids today seem to grow up faster than when I was a kid. They wear make-up sooner, 'sexy' clothes sooner, etc. Kids need to be kids & not little adults. They will be in the adult world soon enough so don't rush it & enjoy being a kid... but not always in front of the TV.

Mary Otto

Riding my horse in my kindergarten parade the first week of school! First and still only kid to do that!

Kelli Stone

Best advice I can give: live in the moment you are in and make it count for you. Don't worry about trying to out-do anyone else, try instead to always out-do your own best. Stretch to grow, practice empathy and believe in the validity of your place in this world. And if all else fails, laugh, because that makes everything seem better!

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