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Dawn Seidl

I live in Denmark, WI and have 3 barrel racing horses and really need another set of boots but just cant afford them yet. Winning this would make me SOOOO Happy!!!!

Brandy Mertin

YES!! We boot to protect our loved horses legs and our beloved sons hearts. My boys are very attached to thier best friends and wouldnt want them hurt or lame. Especially after all the hard work each puts into rodeo. It's a simple thing!

Kelly McFall

WooHoo!!!!!! I am the winner of the boots! I am soooooooo excited!!! Can't wait to get the boots and try them and get my horse in a safer way! Thank you Julie and Valley Vet! I love this place!

Pamela Mercer

I boot every ride. Living on the edge of a wetlands in Florida, wet feet are always an issue. Sensitive and soft, I do not want to risk a sole bruise or a puncture from something in the woods. I have three rescues and only boots for two. Injury Prevention is the key.


I don't because I can't afford them. I'd love to though!


Gotta jump, gotta boot!

Thom Owens

I have not Booted yet, we now have 10 horses that were rescued and one id a knocked knee little girl that they were going to leave in a field to die, I think booting her now will help a lot, Vet says its to late to do any kind of surgery, try booting to help her, White Feather is a 2 YOA palomino

Laura Hicks

I boot. I use when training (driving and riding), drill team or trail riding to protect from bumps and bruises. Many of our trails are not 'manicured' with rocks, trees, slippery slopes and hard mountain climbs. Think the extra support also beneficial especially on the older horses (have 7 of which 2 are 19 YO). Also like that SMB are easy to keep clean. Problem is that when all my 'kids' (biological and adopted 4Hers) here to ride, don't have enough boots and peace sign always a favorite with the kids.

Jennifer Hanson

I put boots on my horse every time I ride. I also use SMB boots and a set of bell boots to ship my horses, they appear to handle that better that shipping boots or wraps. Then I'm halfway tacked when I arrive at a trail ride. :-)


I boot because I want my horse to be safe. It is just a good idea especially when running speed events.

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