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Ron Gardiner

I use the boots for another reason for which they were not specifically designed for. I attach two bicycle tail lights to each boot during the annual Ogden City Holliday Electric Light Parade. Sundance will be lit up with a total of 120 bicycle tail lights for the 2013 parade. I have used black SMB II boots on all four legs for years but the VenTECH Elite in red would be even better!

Rebecca Lux

I boot! I don't always, because most competitions don't allow boots (at least what I show in) so they need to be able to go around without boots and be comfortable. But for long rides, doing a lot of cantering or circling/lunging, as well as learning new things, I boot up! There is more benefit to preventive measures than having to pay the vet bill when a little protection could have prevented it.

Katey Douglas

We boot my daughters barrel horse, she's special to us so we do what we can to protect her. :)


I boot all my horses especially when we are chasing some cans !

Karen Lobeck

No because I don't own any boots! I just started to look into them after a small mishap this week with my mare.

Stephanie Sparks

I use boots when we go on rugged trail rides for extra protection.

Carol @33

I'm booting my gelding as his abcess grows out, for support.

Mary Hays

Yes, we boot in and out of the arena to protect our investment. Our guy is an eventer and his legs take a daily beating. You boots would offer the perfect protection he needs!


Boot my 3 year old sport horse because he loves to get into trouble! ;)


Yes. I boot my horses all the time. Better safe than sorry

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