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Janece Hanycz

Yes I boot. I like boots becuase it offers support and protection during workouts and trail rides. they are easy to put on and they just rinse off.
I would LOVE a new pair of boots for my Horse.


YES, Competitive barrel racer, cant afford not to boot, and only will use trusted brands live Professional's Choice

jayne rieder

Yes I boot my horse!!

Allison Bailey

No we don't boot our horses routinely, but now have one with an injury that these boots would be a great help in keeping him from reinjury. We don't do anything competitively and that's how this precious boy, that we adopted, was injured. He is just now coming off of pasture rest and starting some light riding so I would LOVE to have these boots for Forrest.

Kelly McFall

I am part of a drill team which is something new to me this year. The gals let me borrow their boots because I just haven't been able to afford a set of my own yet. Never booted before and didn't understand the reasoning until drill. I would love a new set to use and call my own!!

Donna Lee Thompson

YES, I boot up my horses! Competing in ranch sorting and team penning can be pretty hard on the tendons, ligaments, and joints. I all for anything to help keep these athletes on top of their game!


Yes i boot! I own 9 horses , and all are booted when exercised harder than just light dressage. I allways boot when driving or jumping. Allmost lost a horse in a accident with a cart once, that injury wold probably be much smaller with boots on, so cince then boots are allways on!

Rachel Adkins

I don't boot my horse, but I was thinking about starting. She is 23 and has some arthritis in her legs. After rides, she sometimes is a little sore in the morning and has some difficulty breaking over when she walks. But she's always ready to go again. My horse loves riding, so I'd like to do what I can to help her feel and walk better during and after rides. If the boots will help, then I'm more than willing to try them.

carolyn s price

I boot my mare because my vet recommeded it.

Lisa Adair

Yes! I boot to protect my horses legs in and out of the arena. I barrel race and it's important that I reduce the wear and tear on my horses' legs as much as possible. I've always used Professional's Choice and have had great results!

Joni Kondracki

I boot and as a result of using them my friends are starting to boot too. It is just a simple step to help protect those precious legs.


yes I boot!!! My horse just recently injured his leg and a friend let me borrow hers. He has been wearing these during the day for support while recuperating in his stall. I have a long road to recovery and will continue using these boots and there after. I am sold!

taylor terwillegar

yes always boot!

Catherine Adams

I feel there are some horses that not only benefit from booting at an earlier age, but that may be able to prolong their careers through leg protection. I have seen many cases where a horse gets so stretched out in the rear tendons that they must be retired. Horses also benefit by exercise during the twilight years. Boots are great to aid in prevention of injury. I look forward to trying out the VenTech Elite SMB boots on my eventer, and also on my daughters 31 year old healthy pony that could benefit from a little support while hacking about.


I had never booted my horses before, but the trainer I sent my gelding to used them. I've been looking for a set, but he's a short, fine-legged Arab, and finding small sized boots around here is hard.

Joanne Freebairn

I have never used boots on my horse and have never had a leg injured without them. They look very comfortable and look like they give protection and support. It sure would be nice to put them to the test and have a chance to write a review....

Shelli Rumpel

I always boot my horses. They help alot and you know what they say, an ounce of prevention. It is very well worth the extra few minutes to put the boots on to prevent an injury.


Don't have boots.

linda gillis

I boot on the trails. Protects my horses.


Boots offer extra protection from strain as well as snakes! I will always wrap my horses legs for extra piece of mind. I currently use Legacy boots but have heard Pro Choice Elites are great as well. :) Maybe I'll get the chance to try them! Thanks.

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