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Jan Baze

I have not booted in the past but with a new horse and riding in trail challenges, I feel it is a wise prevention. Leg support for horses is always an important consideration. Thank you.

Marjorie Carman

I used to boot but have not for years now and I am considering it again,I trail ride a lot in rocky terrain! The boots I used to use were sports medicine boots and they were great! Plus those piece sign logos are too cute!

BobbiJo Dinesen

We boot our horses. Barrels and other timed events are very stressful on a horses legs in so many ways. Why not protect your partner the same way you would if you were running a marathon! The right Equipment for safety is a must.


I am a strong proponent for the use of leg protection on all horses and always either boot-up or polo-wrap my horses' legs, whether I'm riding in the arena or on the trail. Providing leg protection gives me peace of mind that if there is a problem my horse has a better chance of avoiding injury.

Kamin Held

We keep the kid's barrel & roping horses booted. The 4H horses are booted up when we practice as well. A few pair of boots are MUCH cheaper than finding new horses!

Tami Moyer

Yes I boot! I do games and barrels and boot for the support. I runs SMB boots now and always have. I have never had a leg injury to date (knock on wood). Just got a new horse and really need another set of boots for him too.

Eva Walthall

Yes I use boots on my horses. Especially my young ones. Since they are still learning how to use their legs while carrying a rider. It's is important to protect the most important structure that could make or break there future career as an equine partner.


Yes, I always boot my horse. He's young and has some "good moves" when I round pen him prior to getting on. Gotta protect those front legs incase he overreaches on the backend.

Dale S

I haven't tried boots, but my draft is tender going down hills. I would love to save him from injury with new boots.

Nancy Sturgis

My horse injured his leg, He is on the road to recovery for a year now. we have been on easy trail rides for about 4 months now. We went last weekend on a more challenging ride. A friend loaned me her boots for his front legs. I have no doubt that without the boots he would have been injured again. Now, i'm a believer!


I use boots all the time love a free set.

Diane campbell

Getting a horse for my son ..... trainer said Always Wear Boots!

reta howard

I always boot! Trainning a new gaming horse and I cannot stress the importance enough about protecting his legs and my investment!!! No legs no pony! Even trail ridding I protect his legs.

Cindi O

I do Eventing and I wear boots on my mare. She is 20 years old and still taking the course like a champ and seems to be loving every second of XC. I do everything I can to make sure she is taken care of to the best of my ablility. She protects me on the course so I want to return the favor!

Debbie Applegate

I would love to boot our large pony. I have had a hard time finding the extra small boots. She could use them expecially since having her left rear splint bone broken in the past.

Tania K

I haven't booted before because I don't see a lot of people at my barn doing it. I'd be interested to see if boots resulted in improvements in my horse's riding posture, or if they'd decrease soreness in her hocks.

Robert Boone

i havent booted but would if i had them


Yes I always boot! I am kinda paranoid when it comes to wrapping and taking care of my mares legs.

Sevys Dark Angel

I always boot my horse.


YES! I boot all the time. Great protection

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