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Linda (Vonnie) Bolseth-Crow

I would use it year round as I live in Colorful Colorado and the weather is sooo unpredictable. I use my Gooseneck trailer to haul my mares to the Repo Station for breeding.

Dawn Seidl

I store my trailer outside in the winter months and could really use this to help protect my trailer!


I would use a trailer cover long term, the wind is so bad where I am in Colorado, that my trailer gets sand blasted, a cover would be wonderful.

Dana Kennedy

I would love to have a trailer cover ... one less thing to have to wash in the summer

Karen Adams

Gosh I really could put a trailer cover to great use.
Thanks for a chance to enter for one.

Karen Adams
Alvarado, Texas

Brandy Mertin

I am a rodeoer in the summer with my boys. The cover would be great during the harsh winters of Wyoming.

Cathy Hansen

I am a recreational rider and my trailer sits during the week...This cover would get a lot of use..!

Patti Potts

I recently bought my first horse trailer. I so far have used my trailer for short trips to ride with friends, and one longer trip to Black, MO to camp and trail ride. If I had a cover I would use it during longer periods if non use.


We use our trailer to go all different places. We have hauled all sorts of animals around too!!from chickens to cows,horses ,rabbits goats,ducks & more LOL Our trailers deserves to have a cover for all that it has done for us & the many miles that it has travelled!! :)

Gretchen Majher

I'm in the great state of Kansas - so if I had a trailer cover, I would use it year round to protect my trailer from the baking summer sun, winter sleet and snow and everything else Mother Nature likes to throw at us here. i don't suppose these are tornado proof are they? The only time I'd take it off would be when we are on the road to a horse show or clinic.

Billie Whited

Use trailer for going to shows and locations to trail ride.

Jennifer Silver-Starkey

I would use it in winter and inclimate weather.We use our trailer hauling to barrel races or hauling our TB's for different tracks to run

Stephanie Fitkin

April till mid November I haul my horse 3-5 times a week to trail heads....ride ride ride till the snow flies than the trailer gets covered and stored for the winter. The cover I use now has more holes in it than its good for.

Jeannie Whited

I use my trailer about once every 2-3 weeks for lessons, clinics, and shows. I would love to keep it covered between uses, as the only place I have to park is below a tree the birds love to sit in. You can imagine the roof, and what bird droppings do to paint!

vicki kerr

i would use it mainly in the winter and periods when it would not be used much.

Terry Staniak

I would cover my trailer for winter to keep bird poop off it in pole barn.

Mary Morin

My trailer is my first new, driven off the sale lot trailer. I so want to protect it from the New England winter.

Valerie Conforti

I would use it in the winter since it stays outside during the long, cold Maine winter.

Cheryl Crews

I use my trailer to haul horses to horse shows. I would use the cover all the time when the trailer isn't being used.

Jeanna Schultz

I would cover it most in the winter time until next show season.

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