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Paulette Nye

When winter rolls in the trailer stays home and lives outside. I would love a horse trailer cover to protect her from our cold season.

tammie stark

all the time when not in use!

Cheryl Steiner

Would definitely use it for the long Michigan winters!

Lisa Wilson

I'd use it through our long horrible Northern Ontario winter that dump evry type of nasty weather possible at us...from the -40 or colder to tons of snow and freezing rain!

marti Nelson

I would use it during the intense heat of our Arizona summers. Protect it from fading since we don't use it as much during those months. :)

Nancy Vanderwielen

I would cover my trailer over the winter to protect it from snow & ice. I trail ride, so use it to haul to trail heads.

Chris Thomas

I would use it all the time since I don't have covered parking for my trailer. Please pick me! :)

Michelle Matovich

I have to cover my 5th trailer with tarps every year, or the tree's overhead make it stained and dirty.

Mellisa P.

I would use this wonderful cover on my trailer in between horse shows.

Dana Petersen

I would cover my trailer year round with this as I do not have a shelter to park it in. I have the privilege of riding in surrounding vineyards but love to hit the trails in the area as well.

sharon Fiato

I would have mine covered when its not in use (we are trail riders who occassionally do a few trail competitions) Mostly summer time it would be covered due to the extreme temps here in Las Vegas, NV

Margot Judd

I would cover my trailer in between using it. I would love to have a shed to keep it in but a cover is next best.

Debbie Saling

Omygosh! I could use a trailer cover for the winter living in Western Wa. It rains SO much and a cover would be so helpful in keeping my trailer rust and Algea free.

Sherry Crossno

I would love a trailer cover because my trailer has a little roof leak and I would use the cover between horse shows.

Julie Tucei

I would love to have a trailer cover to protect my trailer from the elements during long periods of non-use. I hate that it is sitting out in the weather, but I don't have any covered area to park it under.

Doreen Hamann

I would love to have a trailer cover for my three horse bumper pull. I don't have a covered place to keep my trailer out of the bad weather in the winter here. In the Summer, I ride quite a bit and use my trailer almost everyday, so wouldn't use it too much during the Summer.

Brenda Welch

I would use it in the winter mainly because we use it less frequently.

Margaret Benson

I would use it the most in the winter time as I do not have a building large enough to cover it.

Heidi Lind

In all honesty, I'm not sure. I just bought my very first trailer, so I have no knowledge on the best circumstances to cover a trailer. My assumption would be during the winter months here in MI to protect it from the snow and ice while it sits unused, but maybe just even when I'm not using it year round since I only haul my horse to go on trail rides with friends, and the rain will affect it just as much as the snow. I'm just excited to not have to borrow a friend's trailer now. :)

Rhonda Rohrer

i would cover my trailer in the winter time the most i do showing and trail riding most of the year and living here on the east coast our winters can get bad

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