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Kim Klinger

I would use this cover mostly for winter storage, since I don't have a covered area to park it in. In the summer my trailer doesn't sit still long enough to bother covering it.

Deb Stoppkotte

I would use the cover for the winter time - I have to store my trailer outside and covering sure would protect it from the snow and wind!

Lisa Stewart

I would cover my trailer during the summer from the blazing hot sun.

Laura Harmon

I use my trailer for going to horse shows, trailering animals to the market, and going camping with the horses. I would cover my trailer anytime that its not being used.

Jo K.

We use our trailers to haul to ropings. Have never used a cover but would love to try one.

Terri Folks

I have an older steel trailer and don't have a place to store it, plus it leaks. I trail ride and camp in it so it gets stored during the winter and in the heat of the summer.

Bridget Kurtenbach

I use my trailer for trail riding at local parks and forests.

Tiffany Foy

This would be wonderful to have. Always,wanted one

Laura Stepro

I would cover my trailer while its parked at home

Mary Otto

I would use it for the winter months most.

HomeFront Equestrians

We use our trailer for bringing military kids to shows, playdays and off farm trail rides so it gets a lot of use in the spring, summer and fall months! A cover to protect it from the harsh New England winters would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

Judi Longenecker

I use a trailer mainly for going to other trail riding locations besides the farm

Karen Gross

I would keep my trailer covered anytime it was not in use for awhile. Use it to haul my horses.

Jenni Sohm

I recently bought a horse trailer and love it. We use it so much that it doesn't get put away often. Having a cover would be a great easy way to keep it protected from the elements.

Shelli Johnson

I recently bought a new horse trailer that's steel and have thought seriously about buying a cover for it. I don't have anything to park it under and I want my trailer to last a long time so a cover it an option.


I use my trailer for horse shows, trail riding and attending clinics every weekend. I would definitely keep my trailer covered if I had one!!


I live in New Enland. So I would keep it covered unless I used it because you never know when it's going to be crazy weather! :) I hope I win because I would use it everyday!! Thanks for the opportunity!

susie braun

I would use the cover all the time to protect my trailer from the elements. I use my trailer for going to dressage lessons and going to the vet.


I'd use the cover for winter storage mostly.

Cindy Flores

I would use the cover in between camping trips to protect our LQ trailer from the hot sun and cold temperature variations in the high desert.

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