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Carroll Taylor

We currently use simplyfly feed through. And start usually around April.

B Northcutt

Flies are not usually a problem until after Memorial Day but the gnats are all ready biting! Colorado.


Just got the new natural fly spray by Absorbine… the scent & how it works! Flies and other pests are always a challenge -starting in March & ending in late Sept/early Oct…….especially hard as the weather in So. Nevada heats up in excess of 115 during July/August! Products that work are always a bonus.

Lori Cummings

From Alabama and I use Ultra Shield for my horses.

Beth Birt

Here in SC, we start seeing flies in March but come April/May they are horrible and continue all summer long. Fly predators seem to work well but I hope to win so I can try some of your products!!!

carol prudom

We start seeing gnats in April and flies in the beginning of May. i like a roll on for the ears and Ultra shield on everything else. I'm in central VA


I live in SE Washington. We can start treating for biting gnats as early as March and flies by May. With a large herd and changing conditions, I rotate and mix my insect control by horse and field. No one thing works for all.

Tracy Bradford

UltraShield for trail riding. For the farm we use the Horse Line Products Biting Fly Trap. Both work very well.

Lani Eaglin

Pretty much treat for flies all year round in Hawaii. Use Ultra Shield, works well. Also use fly bait bags.

Pam Quakenbush

Fly season varies in North Texas. Since our drought its not too bad yet. Pyranha has always worked well. Lots of barns using the Fly Predators too.

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