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Billy Barbknecht

I show both western and English

Tabitha Lindsay

Western Rider!!! Nothing like trotting around an open field and trial riding on a beautiful day.

Elizabeth Miller

Western all the way!

Laurie Loveland

English!! I would love to see some good saddle pads

Beatrice Fossell

I enjoy trail riding and have always ride in an english saddle. I have a Fjord and it is always a problem to find tack to fit. Would love to try this saddle! Keeping my fingers crossed.


I ride English and also enjoy trail riding when the weather's nice enough!


Love trail riding.. All Western right now but I'd love to train my yearling both Western and English!


I enjoy trail riding and training some youngsters :)

Janice Olson

I usually ride Western, but sometimes it is nice to have an English saddle for a change. Two of my horses (a Tennessee Walker mare and an Arabian mare) are very difficult to fit, and your saddle seems like it might work well for both of them.

Sarah DiPierro

I am a beginner at dressage, but I am stuck using a western saddle.

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