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Pleasure rider! Would love to see a great selection of english pads and Red Haute horse tack.


I ride dressage and would like to have a Wintec for occasional trail riding. I like the lightness and easy care.

Debbie Trader

I'm looking forward to Getting back into riding.

Susan S

I do a little bit of everything but enjoy trail riding most of all!


I ride western and bear back.

Nina Morris

I trail ride and have touched on a little endurance riding. I would like to see more Beta biothane or Zilco halter/bridles, breastplates/collars.

Robin Bentley

I ride any way I possibly can, English, Western, bareback, winglish..have a quarter horse name Thunder...he is the love of my life!

Tammy Cannon

I rescued a tennessee walker that was abused and he is loveable and sweet just a little jittery. I want o teach my grand kids to ride and respect all animals to the fullest - as we are their voice.

Sharon Bowen

I ride in an endurance saddle but would love a light English saddle too!

Beverly Carroll

I ride trail and take jumping lessons

Kathy Maxwell

I ride western.

Samantha Bost

I ride English when I am at home and sometimes western on the trails, but what I really enjoy is playing polo. I am dying for one of these saddles and would love to be able to win this one! :)

Nelia Rueter

I ride Endurance.


I love to trail ride. My old horse passed away last winter and I don't have a saddle for my new one-he's wider than she was. I've been looking at the Wintecs and would love to win this one!

donna ferguson

we show English, western, endurance rides, and minis. would love the saddle.

Judy Kirkman

I am currently trail riding every chance I get! I have a Western saddle, but feel more comfortable riding English. Problem is, I don't want to use my show saddle to trail ride in. Having a Wintec would enable me to trail ride English and not have to worry if I get caught in the rain!

Melissa Stough

I am a western pleasure rider whose dream is to compete in western dressage and breakaway calf roping. This saddle would help my balance.

Judy Douglas

I ride western, do trail riding and am a volunteer riding instructor for special needs children. These saddles are great for everything. Light weight for our volunteers and our older horses. Sturdy for riding anywhere including mountain trails and streams. Have had mine for years and it's held up really well . Thanks Wintec!!!!!!!!!


I ride western but have always wanted to learn to ride English and jump.

Liana Clifford

I ride English and western pleasure/trail.

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