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Liz Tant

I always asked and wished for a horse for my birthday but never got it. So before my 20th birthday I went and met a donkey breeder and fell head over heels in love with a solid black jenny and then proceeded to fall even more in love with a 14 year old jenny with a past. They have been the best gifts along with my chihuahuas God could have ever blessed me with and we are just about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary since I got them.

Suzette Lyle

I have always wanted a new saddle that fit me and my horse but never got it. My birthday is coming up in a few days and I would love a new pair of boots! Or a new Saddle would be nice. First thing however, I need some product from Valley vet like Co-Ease coheasive bandage (vet wrap) or fly spray to keep my horses happy and healthy.

Wanda Hazzard

Always wanted a horse for my birthday, wasn't until kids grown and divorce that finally got my own horse, Romeo, (I didn't name him, lol)Use VV products and would love case of Pyrahna fly spray!

Bryttany Pfohl

For my birthday the best gift I received was a barrel saddle. Every year I always asked for one and finally on my 20th birthday I got one! My Justin boots are getting worn out so a new pair of boots would be amazing :)

Gabrielle Miller

The best birthday present I ever got was my steer Norman. He was born on my 21st birthday and his mother didnt make it. So he was given to me as a bottle baby birthday present and now he is a big pet who thinks he is a horse.

Elizabeth Uhart

I have seven horses and three children who all ride. I use an assortment of products from Valley Vet. I guess a 10 dose vile of 5-way vaccine with West NIle would make my birthday a happy one!! By the way my birthday is in January. I am much closer to 50 then 40. Enjoy your youth!!

jerry gordon

I have always wanted a new saddle for my birthday and never got it.

Greg Facer

The best birthday present or the best present on any occassion is the unfeigned love from my wife and of course my horses

Belinda Guzman

The best present I bought myself was my first horse I can actually ride a couple of weeks ago. A 10 year old Haflinger who is as sweet as she is pretty. I guess you could say it was a birthday present about 7 months late LOL

Lisa Rieck

I always wanted a horse for my birthday and never got one,as a child I would ask every birthday. As an adult I bought my own horse who is now 30 and has been the biggest blessing of my life. I want to thank Valley Vet for the years of supplements, wormers and supplies they have provided for my friend. I hope in the future to get another amazing horse and a new pair of boots to ride in.
Thank you

Brandi Zimbelman

The best birthday presents I received was a saddle on my 5th birthday, a baby pug (Betty) in 2007 and this year on my 40th birthday September 8th I take my state board test to become a professional nail tech. Here's to always looking forward!

Sandra Montgomery

My birthday is Sept. 4th. A new pair of boots would be the best birthday present ever.

Lisa Dinsmore

As a kid, I always wished for a horse and never got one. Wishes became horses and now I have 13. be careful what you wish for!


That would be nice nice to have a pair of new boots for my birthday sept 16

Jackie Gaudette

new boots, yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Athena Casey

My best birthday present going to Walterboro Rodeo

Angie Hokanson

We like getting our horse wormers from VV because they have the best quality and price. I will be 57 years old this November and I Would Love to have a pair of Great fitting Cowgirl Boots. The boots I have are walmart like boots and they hurt, plus they fall apart easy.

sarah hale

Using valley vet is easy and convenient for me an my horses, dogs, and cat. Its been a crazy summer for june was my birthday and youngest daughter. Found out my oldest is pregnant with my first grand baby. Our schools are back in which means for me watching 60 some kids on the bus most are elementary. Between 4H horse clubs barrel races and parades we stay busy so im very happy that modern convienances are around. May god bless and watch over all protect those who fight for our belief and freedom so they may watch and enjoy what the true meaning of family is

Marlene Scarlett

My best birthday present was the wonderful surprise party given for me this year for my 70th birthday by my kids and their families. We are a horse/mule family and over 50 'horsey" people were there from several towns surrounding our area and some of these folks I hadn't seen in quite awhile. It was an awesome afternoon filled with good food, good memories, and wonderful friendship.

trish Grainger

My quarterhorse JC. Best birthday present ever!

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