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Iris Davis

We are just getting back in horses after many years away from them. We are both in our 70's. and we are now putting a fence up and we will have three pastures all with electric fence.

Darwin Downing

April thru October we rotate our cows on grass/legume pasture. After the corn is harvested we graze cornstalks until the ground is frozen and snow covered.

Easy Street Horse Rescue

Our horses usually are on pasture from May to November. We have a small pasture they start and end with each year. In between they are in a large 17 acre pasture.

Joni Shaw

We go to grass late April-early May and in October go to corn-stalks until early February. Weather permitting!!!

Elaine Nage

we rotate pastures april/may till the end of oct

Yvonne Davis

In our area of California cattle are rotated year round. Some land is planted in forage in the winter and after it is cut and baled in the late spring, cattle are run on the stubble.

Larry Hartensteiner

I use the electric fence to keep my cows from getting into the neighbors pasture. My half of the fence, I fixed. His half, not.


Yes my brother and I pasture our cows year round. We rotate as often as needed.

Tara Christie

We rotate our livestock on pasture about 10 months out of the year.


Year round, but use rotational grazing. Rotate pastures on a weekly basis depending on weather and pasture conditions.

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