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Jennifer Klejeski

I really like the foaming shampoos and foamer, it saves a lot of time washing cows by myself and does a great job. My question to Kirk would be about clipper care, I don't know if I am taking the best care of my clippers. How does he clean his during clipping jobs?

William Lng

Really like the ProPink. It's light and is the perfect finishing touch before going into the show ring. Kirk is a great, down-to-earth resource for livestock -- care, feeding, clipping/fitting and showing.

Debra Lawson

Andis clippers for a nice even/sleek cut.
My question - What do you feed a Brangus Bull to get him to Maximum show quality weight but not fat. He needs to have a "wider" and fuller flanks. Your advice "please"!

Julie Freeman

Stierwalt ProPink by Luster's

Diana Rogers

My favorite showing products would be show sheen and a nice andis or oyster clipper set to finish out my miniatures for show or just to look nice in the summer months.

I recently purchased a little mare that is a terror at feeding time with the other mares and you'd best not be in the way. She kicks, bites, anything to get to feed and push the others away or even not at feeding time, she's a bully. She can be managed fine when not with the others, that is once you've caught her, but sometimes its just more convenient to feed them all at once.


Kirk, how would you go about to accustom a severely abused equine to clipper noise when said equine goes into a serious dangerous freak out / panic sequence when clippers are even as far as 15 ft away?

Hank Schultz

Favorite show product is a shedding comb as it pulls out dead hair and gets new hair growing faster than anything else I've used. Kirk, we always seem to have trouble with steers gaining and/or consuming enough feed to reach our target weight. What works for you?

Rhonda Boyd

My favorite product is Finishing Mist Show Shean.
My question for Kirk, is your favorite blade for clipping?

Jason Harris

Bath in a bottle

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