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Lori Morris

I love spring because I am able to get outside and spend my day doing gardening and working with all my horses.

Michelle Meyers

I like spring because it meen I can finally get to go ride my horses and show. I love the smell of the flowers and the trees leaves growing. Then when the first time you mow your yard. It smells like watermelons. Lol when it rains on a warm day as it hits the road and the steam rolls of it. Or the first rainbow of spring. Listening to the birds chirp and the babie animals all being born. So much to be greatful for and to enjoy. The mud is not so much fun but still all apart of spring nether the less. The best time of the year to do things with my family and friends!!

Jessica Storm

Winter is here
And springtime is near
And with it comes hair and mud
The horses are hairy
And though horse owners wish for a fairy
It only comes out with a brush
Though the ground is mush
The pastures will soon be lush
But right now what is needed is a boot
Not one with a hole,that only soak my
Left sock
But one that lasts around the clock
Though hair and mud are a part of spring
With a good pair of boots my feet sing

Lori Rutherford

Brushing, brushing, and brushing my shedding horses. I need these boots because we have clay mud that sucks all other brands of boots off while walking thru mud to get my muddy, shedding horses.

Jasmin Walters

During the spring, I spend most of my outdoor time riding my horse! Perfect riding weather!

Betty J

I like spring because I watch for my perennials to sprout and, when they do, I'm just thrilled!

Sherry Rosser Carroll

during the spring I spend a lot if time trail riding my older horse and working in-hand trail obstacles with my younger horse.

Louise Jordan-Beam

I love spring because the weather is lovely for riding and there are NO flies around to bother us! :)

Lynn Brunetto

I love spring because it's a fresh beginning! And of course the weather is much better for riding! The muck chores do require a good muck boot though!

Patty Lambert

1.) During the spring I do a lot of horseback riding :-)

2.) I love spring because I can ride again :-)

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