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Madison Guillory

Probably chore wear because they look like thee would be comfortable to wear.

Karyn Corn


Phyllis Sherwood

Regular wear or chore wear?? Is there a difference? lol

Phyllis Sherwood

I love mine but I'm ready for a new pair !

Russ Priesing

I'll wear them for both until I dirty them up too much, then they'll just be for chores and hiking....

kathy cullingsworth

I wear them whenever I've at the stable, even when riding. I'm on my second pair, current pair are the waterproof and about 8 years old, just about time for a new ones. Love them, they're so comfortable, I wear them all day.


I would wear them as my working boots and my dress boots. Fortunately, mine don't get to worn at the barn, so a little dusting off is all I need to wear them out. As you can see, I'm not a high heels kinda gal. Comfort and style are all I need.

Amy Bermudez

Barn work, riding, everything !

Linda Quandahl

I will wear them for casual to start and then I will wear them on the farm doing chores and riding.

Karen Foley

I Love my Ariat Terrain Lacers!!! I have been wearing them for years, I'm going on my 5th pair!!! I would like to have a waterproof pair as I've never had a pair of those... I literally wear them until they are FALLING Apart! I have 1 pair that's full of holes, I use them for bathing my horses, and the other pair are in good condition, so I wear them for dressing to go out. Thank you, Karen

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