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Liz Loyal

Love this color. Would really pop on my black horses. I would also love a purple and teal combo as well!

Kim Smartlowit

I like this combo-Would look great on my Indian Horse!! I am a Yakama Indian and would definitely be Styling in these!

Robin Chamberlain

I like the color combo. White boots look very sharp on our horses and the touch of tribal gives a nice splash of Native American color.


I love the pattern on the leg boots straps, well matched.

Sue Gaskill

Fun colors! I would use them when going to clinics, etc. My cross country jumping colors are black/red- so to see them come out in those colors would be great!

Carmen Quandahl

I am a traditionalist, and love my classics, so the tribal pattern would be totally different in my horse wardrobe!

I would love to see a brown and cream combo to go with all my brown tack on my chestnut horses!

Eileen Haner

Awesome colors!!! Would look great on my black and white paint!

Heather Bosse

I really like the tribal & white color combo! These boots provide great support without the bulk some other boots have. If I were to design a color, I'd probably pick a cheetah print :)

Kendal Quandahl

I like the look of the tribal!

Chocolate brown and tan would be my choice if I was going to order!

Linda Quandahl

I like the colors that you have used. If I were to create a set in my colors I think Navy Blue would be good.

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