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Label Printing

It activates multiple senses
Label Printing

Abby Stender

We show purebred Red Angus and purebred Dorset breeding ewes. Also market lambs and goats for 4-H and FFA.

Betsy Hasselbach

We show wether goats. Love our Weaver products!!

Michael Jennings

I'm a 4-H Swine leader and my own kids show 8-10 pigs a year through Missouri Jackpots to Missouri State Fair. We like to use Show Sheen to condition our pigs daily and it works great for black pigs. What do you recommend to use on white hogs?

Amanda Gerner

I am going to try to start showing horses this year.

Kirsten spall

What are the best product to grow and fit boer does with


I love showing horses! Will start showing cattle and hogs this year

Lorraine Smith

Love to show horses!


I have shown pigs, sheep, and goats. I have been showing these animals for 13 years. I started showing pigs when I was 5 years old and then I went to watch the county show and I saw people showing other species besides pigs. I wanted to try to show other species at that time, so I got a sheep and goat about four years later and I loved it. I love the livestock industry and I am still involved even after I have graduated high school. I help my high school Ag teacher with the animals that he feeds as well as I help my younger brother. He has shown animal since he was four years old and he also loves it. My entire family spends quality hours in our livestock barn and we truly are an "Ag Family". My favorite products of yours is your Pro Pink and your shedding combs. These are my favorite products because with the Pro Pink, you can use it for many different purposes and the shedding comb is also very good because it gets all of the dead hair out of the animal to help the quality of the goat look clean and fresh. My question to you is, how do you know the perfect animal when you see it?

Linda Muguerza

As a 4H club manager I see kids who want to have that extra product but can not afford it. I have at times helped the kids. Years ago they donated a pair of clippers that we have wore out. If I was to win our 4H club kids would greatly benefit.

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