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We use and love our Rambo blankest they last against even the toughest blanket wreckers we have here on the farm.

D. McP

Use and love their fly sheets!!

victoriia Collins

this seems to be the answer for my trotter who is quite exceptional!

Jennifer Johnson

Love the bling!

Jennifer Fuhrman

I have a horse that has allergies to bugs and have not been able to find just the right equipment to help him stay relaxed and calm as flies like to get nasty this time of year. Full sets of fly protection including the sheet, leg wraps, fly mask would be a great purchase as a complete set.

Heather Enriquez

I haven't had an opportunity to use the Rambo products by my trainer friend loves them and swears by them, would like to try the the fly mask and leg wraps for Flys on my mare.

Amy Stong

I don't currently use Rambo products but would love to try them!

Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg

We haven't tried any of the Rambo products but we are definitely planning to purchase fly masks and possibly a sheet this season.

Barbara Jo Bryant

I have never had a fly sheet but now that I live in the low Sonora Desert in Arizona, and now once again have a horse (a little Kiger Mustang rescue) I find the desert flies are horrible. She rolls and rolls in the dust to pack herself with dirt so the flies can't bite. Rather ingenious on her part, don't you think? Anyway, I thought I would try this just for fun and see what happens. Her dust baths are saving her since fly sprays don't phaze these voracious flies. They bite me quite often,and I even spray my cat and dog. Thank you for the chance. God bless and I hope everyone has a great summer.

Karen Saner

I have a very old but well used(and still in great shape) Rambo winter blanket that I used for a very old horse that didn't do well in these Wyoming winters. It kept him snug as a bug and plenty warm even when it was below zero degrees. I am having a terrible time with black nats in my 4 horses ears! A blanket and Fly mask will be put to wonderful use and thanks from my horses! It will also give me a better feel as to what to purchase for the other three for fly masks!

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