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Susan Leffingwell

I use mask and spray but i have a young horse that foesnt like the sound of the spray (alas!) I've tried roll on but it fpoorest seem tobbclast long, for legs, under the chin and below the eyes. I've been grabbing several brands to see what works best. I would so welcome the fly sheet set into our lives, either one of my horses will be thankful!! Susan L

Judith Nevins

If there were a million horses and only one fly in my County, that one fly would keep searching until it found my "Blue Boy"! He is an absolute fly magnet. I dress him in a sheet, mask and boots AND use spray. My friends say he wears more clothes that I wear. I'd sure like to try the "clothes" impregnated with fly spray this summer.
p.s. don't forget to wear your helmet whenever you ride.

Bobbie Knapp

I spray. I haven't found one that I really like though.

Ali Black

I blanket and spray my mare because she gets eaten alive. She wears a mask, blanket with belly guard, neck cover, and spray all of the time in the summer. Unfortunately, she loves to itch herself and has shredded a few flysheets in her time on the farm. I use the basic Farnam Bronco flyspray and add Avon Skin So Soft.


I use fly spray and add Avon Skin so Soft.

Susan Bennett

I use Endure fly spray for one horse because he doesn't like blankets; he's white and getting him to wear a fly mask is hard enough. But he needs UV protection for his face.

I use a fly sheet for a second horse because she is allergic and gets huge welts in spite of also taking an oral supplement to repel insects.

Ronny Paige

I either use repelex or an organic homemade spray daily and my horses wear sheets and masks, generally replaced annually!

ENDURE-Every year. I would like to put flysheets on all our horses. We have 20 and I can only take care of the ones we barrel race on...I would love to win one to put on the others..thank you!


I use Repel-X concentrate and want to try fly sheets this year.

Lorraine Fedele

we use ultrashield ex spray, fly boots and masks. Have not tried fly sheets yet!

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