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Flymask with a long nose to held keep the sun off pink noses and extra lightweight and breathable material as to not make the horse too hot.


I like UltraShield EX Fly Spray because it's long lasting and sweat proof.

Melinda Lynn72

Endure is my favorite fly repellent because it works and it has sunscreen, too.

Marie Lewis

I have been looking for a mask that covers the horses ears because our young Mustang received, I believe, its called a plague psoriasis in his ears. They can contract these when they are young and from small black flies. I am hoping to get rid of it with a mask and ran across this one. Can't find a fly spray that works.

Eileen Narad

I would like a mask that's very adjustable, especially in the muzzle/noseband area. Arab noses are so slender, and too many masks let those darn black flies in.
I use tri-tec or an all natural repellant, depending on the current fly problem.

Jennifer Barnes

The perfect fly mask for my horses would have a fine mesh to keep gnats put with sun/uv protection. I love being able to see their eyes through the mask. Perhaps a combination of the Absorbine ULyra shield Fly Bonnet & Cashel's long nose! A large horse or warmblood size would be helpful for those of us with horses in between horse & draft size! Favorite fly spray is Absorbine Ultrashield & the Pyranha for our automatic fly system. This new fly mask looks great and I hope to try it! :)

Kathleen Ayers

A fly mask needs to keep the face bug free, especially the eye area. The mask should fit firmly around the entire cheek and throat area. Insects try to crawl in under the chin area. Also the mask should be design from a fabric that will not catch the hay.
THANKS My fingers are crossed.

lisa gomez

I would like to see a fly mask with removable ear protection. that way you can choose to use it with or without ears, I have several horses. my favorite fly spray is made locally and is called harts fly spray and is sold in a concentrate that I mix by the gallon. we also like to use fly predators to reduce the amount of flies in the pasture.

Megan Rizzo

My fly mask would be light weigh and hard to rip. Also it would have double Velcro and a forelock hole. My favorite brand of fly spray is Pyranna in the aerosol form. It is my favorite because with my multiple horses it lasts the longest and keeps the bugs at bay.

Jan Grogan

I love the fact that the nose guard is removeable so the mask can be used when riding. Also, the ear covers are awesome. My horse is in a sunny climate and the UPF of +25 is a great way to protect my horse's white/pink nose.

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