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Andrea Vargo

Prefer traditional. Never thought horses were a western way of life. My granddad put me on a horse when i was 18 mo. old and I never wanted to be any place else. He raised, trained and showed Percherons, but bought a "light" horse for me. We grew up together. When I got to lead her back and forth to dump hay on the outside stack in the field, I thought it was the most peaceful thing. So I rode her when she wasn't busy helping around the Missouri farm, and learned from my granddad. He always said, the horse never makes a mistake, we have done something wrong. We haven't trained enough, gave the wrong cue, maybe at the wrong time, or expected something from the horse that we did not prepare it for. I passed that on to my own granddaughters and they tell their friends. Horses are such a blessing.

Sandy Gosselin

I have always rode western , listened to country music and have had horses since I was 7 years old now at 55 I am still riding western and listening to country music . Love this style brings back a lot of the old memories of buck stitched saddles . Living on the east coast I think I was born in the wrong part of the country and if I was born in the 1800 I would be liken to Annie Oakley for sure . Love the Rodeo , barrel racing , roping and chasin cattle The only way to live .

Lynnae Schloneger

I like how traditional looks very classy and put together nice and neat looking, but once in a while I love to throw something blingy on whether it's head stall or saddle blanket...just to change it up fun.

Paige C

I like more traditional tack; it seems classy and elegant.

Mickie Riley

I like a more traditional tack. There is a sort of peace in the western lifestyle. That is what I strive for in my life.

Jacki Hicks

Prefer traditional look.

Kelly Tomko

I personally prefer the traditional western tack. I like the look of bling on others but it is not my style; being more down to earth and natural. The western way of life is a reminder of where we came from; when people were more in tune with the natural world around them, the plants, animals and finding a harmonious existence.

Ali Black

I like a more traditional look and less clingy because it feels more genuine and practical. I love the hard working, not afraid to get dirty aspects of the western life.


Bling! It's so much fun to be all dressed up. My horse likes it too, she really does.

We love Western Riding. We have so much fun dong play day games together!

Faye Waters

Tradition with a little bling! Love to see my Granddaughter and her horse at the rodeo but because she is a girl I like to see the bling too!!

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