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Comfortable for my horses...thank you for this article and info

Sandra Venables

this would be a blessing to the horses here at the rescue more room that can freeze your comfortlet's sweat

Stan Byers

I look for the pads ability to wick moisture/breathe and then the fit to both the horse and saddle.

Jamie chastising

Looking for a good fitting pad that won't slide. And not too long

Phyllis Gil

We have nine horses (2-26 years of age) and nine saddles, and probably 20 plus pads. I am constantly switching things up as the horses age, grow, gain and lose weight. We trail ride, camp, hunt and work cattle.

My perfect pad would be:
1. Contoured
2. Have open withers (like Clinton Anderson's or Professional's Choice SMX)
3. Easy to clean (like Ray Ainsworth's or Cavello)
4. At least 32"x32"
5. Breathable along the spine
6. Good quality foam not too thick, around 1"

Rachel Lopes

Comfortable for my horses along with wicking away moisture.

Louise Jordan-Beam

Fit to the horse is the most important.

Kathy Kemp

I look for a nice-looking pad with a bit of contour at the withers and big enough for my Torsion Treeless saddle.

Jodie Collins

I want a pad that fits an don't slide or move around

Rhoma Gordillo

I look for a pad that will conform to my horse's back, provide cushioning, is contoured over the wither, easy to clean and wick moisture. The fit is number one in importance.

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