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Gail Testa

I ride with a sheep skin seat cover. It basically keeps me from sliding on the saddle seat. I know it's time to start looking for something with comfort.

lisa gomez

I use a gel pad now and it is great for cushion but can build up heat in the summer hot days. I also use a sheepskin pad for the warmer days.

Jill Sines

I don't currently own a seat cover but as I age and suffer from back pain I feel it would be a blessing.

Alleaha Javed

I ride with a sheep skin pad and I love it. It makes the entire ride more comfortable. When I ride with a friend they don't have a seat cushion for my other horse and they seem uncomfortable the entire time. The sheepskin is wearing out as well

Marie Craig

I need a gel pad. My natural padding has seemed to disappear with age! Either that, or my saddle has started to petrify!
I encourage youngsters to accompany on all of my horsey endeavors!

Ritz Duchesne

I used a seat cushion when I was riding in the backcountry in Washington State. When I moved back to New England, somehow my seat cushion got buried somewhere.
I miss it.

Lynn Haase

I had no one to ride with so I created my own posse! Adults were always too busy, so I picked children! My own daughter started riding when she was six and is now 11. She sometimes gets tired of riding. So to keep her interested I invite other children along. We have two girls that ride with us regularly, and I just bought a saddle for one of them and a horse for the other one. We do distance riding. Our last ride was 30 miles in Arkdale, WI on 10-8-16. We all completed, and the three juniors got 2nd, 3rd and 5th place. Since my last name is Haase, we call ourselves the Haase Posse! It's fun and I get many kind remarks from other distance riders about bringing new riders into our sport.

Susan Kurucz

Not yet. Have been looking to get one, my saddle's seat iras seen better days

Tammy Turner

I tried a sheepskin pad once, to bulky. Would love to try a gel pad on top the saddle. Already use one under the saddle for my horse. :)

Amie Howard

I do not currently use a seat pad of any kind but as I get older I think I need to start!

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