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I use a snaffle bit on my mare, but would love to try a bitless bridle on her.

Cheryl Lentz

Have a sidepull bridle I use to start some colts but this bridle looks really nice. Would love to see how a colt would respond with it.

Sheryl Levin

I have a horse that shakes her head up and down constantly while riding. She is in a regular bit. I keep hearing about the bitless bridles and would love the chance to use one on this mare to see if it solves the head shaking problem.

Liz Howell

I have used bitless sidepulls on young horses before but I currently use a bit on my seasoned horse. It would be nice to have a bitless bridle to trail ride or just bum around with.

Rebecca Higgins

I have used various types of bitless bridles since 1993 but I've never tried one like this. It looks like a n!ice bridle to try

Kristin A.

This would be a great addition to my training "tool box"--I think it would help give more refinement to cues than riding in a regular rope halter or side pull.

Barb Harrington

I would be excited to win/try a Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle! I have 2 young Rocky Mountain Horses that I'm training. I use the traditional snaffle bits. 3 months ago we were out on a trail ride (the gelgings second time)when one was having a "bad day" after my friend overcorrected him for trying to grab some grass in a field -- after that we were off to the rodeo! After the 3rd episode, the bucking horse spun & ran over the one I was riding, resulting in my friend being thrown, knocked unconscious and fracturing a rib; my horse freaked & jumped out from beneath me resulting in my landing on my right hip, separating my sacroiliac junction & cracking 2 ribs. I have since been back on my horse three times, but have yet to get back on the other for fear that my hip can't take another fall. The chin strap was broken on the bucker, so I feel a whole new approach may be the best bet. Thank you!


I rescued a 29 year old gelding who requires a bit less bridle. It would be awesome to win one.

Carolyn Bowman

Would love to try a bit-less bridle on my MFT. She currently is in a hackamore.

Judith Belford

I love the idea of a bitless bridle, but the hackamore doesn't seem to work well with my mare. I have seen a rope halter with the same knot placements on the nose that is very effective. I would love to be able to ride with something like this without cramming something in her mouth.

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