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Caitlin Kosecki

My horse currently uses a hackamore so a bitless bridle would be a smooth transfer.
Thank you

Kathryn Fjare

I would love to try a Justin Bitless Bridle on my mare. Love the idea of no bit. Used a hackamore bit for years on my old horse.

Toni Huber

I just got my first horse ... a rescue ... that doesnt take a bit a few months ago. I learning and learning and learning. I would like to try another type of bit and see if it's better and why.

Virginia wagoner

I have had several rescue horses that had been abused by hard handed riders and wont take a bit. I would live a bitless bridle to help rehab these poor horses.

Sandy Beck

I have been riding with a broken bit and my horse does not respond well to the bit or to any bit. Think this might be the way to go.

Renee Jones

I use traditional bits and bridles for all of my different horses. From Quarter Horses to Gaited Horses. Always having bit issues. Would love to see how well a bitless bridle would work!

Lacey vanover

I been looking at getting one to trynon my horses. Would love to win one

Lynn Hunter

I have tried another popular bitless bridle. My mare did not care for the criss cross pressure under her chin, She may be more receptive to this bridle as it has a similar pressure to a rope halter which I use in training. These halters look good too!

Cindy Bellis-Jones

As a life-long horse trainer who has only used traditional bits, I would love the opportunity to try a bit-less bridle and experience the results first-hand!

I have a silly little paso who needs this set up., she dose not respond well with heavy hands .

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