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Jamie clymer

This Mia is so beautiful and would help me out so much I was just a little girl with the biggest dream to ride again and it's happening this is so beautiful and I love it

Chad McCarty

Favorite Color is Red but I like the combination of all the colors together for tack.

Kimisue Hipp

ABSOLUTELY breathtaking set !!! I'm in love ❤️

Cassandra Coleman

I love black or dark brown western tack with gaudy silver and turquoise.I have blood bays and they look killer in this and greens!

Rene Syminow

I love turquoise!

Cathy Bradford

Love Turquoise and my favorite memory is when my Daughter got her first bike, brought back memories of my first bike!


One of my favorite Christmas memories is remembering all the years I wished for a new saddle. My parents had a large family and modest means. I got new nightgowns or clothes, but never a saddle. After my parents passed away, as we divided up the last of the estate, my sister suggested that we all buy something special with our money. After much thought I decided my parents would like me to have the new saddle they were never able to give at Christmas. I cherish it and the memories of my parents every time I ride it.

Brianna Martinez

My favorite colors in western tack are brown or tan, and turquoise.

Ashley Williams

Favorite memory of Christmas was when I was a little girl, I'm guessing around 7/8 and I had BEGGED my parents for a puppy. Christmas morning came and I opened all my gifts and no puppy jumped out of a box. I was so disappointed and ran to my room crying. I guess my parents just wanted to be mean and see me cry, LOL, because they came and got me and told me Santa left me one more gift in their room and to go get it. So I go to their room, and as I'm opening the door this cute little puppy face peaks around the corner! They did get me the puppy I wanted! I ended up calling him Shadow - he was a golden retriever - and I just knew he was going to be my best friend and loyal companion. Sure enough he was for 12 long years! I'll never forget that dog. He was the best Christmas present I ever got.

Cathy Gaspar

Turquoise of course!! It goes with EVERYTHING!

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