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LaVonne Smejkal

Having a registered North American Mustang Association Registration filly the Oxbow Collection would be a perfect set! Kea our adopted appaloosa would turn heads wearing this stunning collection!

Angela Schliesser

My personal favorite color is turquoise as it goes on nearly any color of horse, with red being a close second. ❤😍

Jessica Fulkerson

I own a blue roan and a buckskin so Red is my favorite color for horse tack!

DAndra Smith

Would love to have this!

Sharon Trainer

My favorite color for western tack is SILVER! And my favorite Christmas memory is when we gave our oldest daughter her (& our) first horse for Christmas. She had been riding and showing this very special half-Arab (1/2 Saddlebred) named Mmedicine Mman and we all loved him -- he was the beginning of our family being up to our eyeballs in horses...and loving it all!


My favorite color would be the turquoise, it is such a pretty color.

kristina horn

I love turquoise. This gorgeous tack would look awesome on my blonde sorrel Harley.She has an older nylon set from a yard sale, that does the job for riding. Dressing her up would be a special treat for her and me. Special Xmas memories.we live aways from home and in a new community, so a few years ago we began inviting near by neighbors or folks we know don't have close family. One year, a friend of ours brought along extra guests. We never met these guys before dinner, and it was a treat. They both were Vietnam vets, with neat phenomanal heart breaking stories to share. Our takeaway lesson was to share, reach out and give and we gain more happiness in the end. Every year after that we do the same or volunteer at the community dinner and enjoy giving and meeting new people.

Mary Giordano

My favorite color(s) in the western world of tack pieces is Brown & Black accented with Turquoise!

Evelyn Brandvold

Love the Turquoise tack. Goes good on almost any color horse.

Diana Anshakov

Personally, I prefer plain, natural-colored leather tack without a lot of "bling" so that the horse is the focus, not the accessories. Having said that, I do like red on both my black mare and black and white gelding. Turquoise would look good on them, too, though.

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