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Jamie clymer

I love this all and I'm fixing to get a new horse and get back into barrrel racing you have no idea how much this would help me😍😉

Kimisue Hipp

Omg !!! I love snow flakes. I make them in stained glass. This set would look fabulous on my black TWH mare GG. Being on a fixed income , I no longer am able to buy new things for my horses. I just continue to repair what I already have. This set is pretty enough for Christmas parades.
Thank you for your consideration

Cassandra Coleman

I was one of those girls who had every poster of a horse or pony on her wall. I collected Breyers. I wished for a live horse for most of my young life and finally got my wish when I was 12. If I win the tack set I would keep it to use on my 24 year old Arabian. He was a Birthday/Xmas present from my hubby at 15 months old! It would be SOOOOO beautiful on him!

Laurie  Peterson

I would give this beautiful set to my daughter and her horse Casper. This would look amazing on him and my daughter would love it!

Laura Mason

I saved my allowance as a kid and my parents let me buy my first pony. I actually had him for 31 years, and my daughter even started out with him as a child.
This would look beautiful on my daughter's black Paint gelding, Indiana Avenue! So I would give it to my daughter.

Kimberly A Winnett

This set would be a gift for my beautiful daughter and her gorgeous AQHA buckskin mare. She rides dressage but just recently bought a Western saddle, she feels she just looks better Western. She is the type of person who gives to those who can't, who protects all animals who come across her path, and is simply just so kind. We have never had much money and it would just be wonderful to surprise her with such a nice tack set.

Ronile Brooks

I am 68 years old and still a horse addict! My family was economically challenged so my father would always say that he "couldn't afford any form of transportation that eats when it doesn't work" ;so no horses! He was always good natured about it and actually took me to see a friend who trained horses but lived too far away for me to work with. When I turned 30, my husband fulfilled my life long dream and bought me my first horse! He was a very successful roping horse, and I was a total beginner! While I kissed the beach sand many, many times I will love that horse until the day I die! "Almosta Lobo" taught both my husband and I so much and will warm the hearts of those who knew him forever! A Lucky Girl I AM!

Tammie Patterson

This is beautiful

Lynn M Utecht

I did wish for a horse. I made my wish come true by passing newspapers. I was given nothing as a kid. Had to work for it.

Susan Haluzak

When I was little, I always dreamed of owning a horse and show jumping in the Olympics! I never learned to jump, but my parents could finally afford to buy my first horse when I was 14. I have been hooked ever since :)
I would probably keep this tack set for myself as I think it would look amazing on my Dun with blue eyes!!!

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