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Erika Macklin

I was a little girl who dreamed of getting a Chincoteague Pony... I remember being heartbroken leaving the pony swim when I was 6 empty handed. My parents had horses that I rode but I didn't have a horse or pony to call my own. Years passed and my parents bought me a pony named Crissy... she was a buckskin with crazy hair. We went on so many adventures together. Fast forward years later, I have been lucky to have some great horses and look forward to one day maybe getting back to Chincoteague to help another little kid purchase a pony. ❤️

Christina Sulley

This is a beautiful set! Have always wanted to dress my horse in beautiful gear but never had the extra money.

Tammy Whitson

When I was a kid I wanted a pony that looked like my sister's horse, a palomino. But I got a chestnut pony with flaxen mane and tail. My mom even told me she was a quarter pony to make me happy, since my sister's mare was a quarter horse.

I would definitely keep this for my chestnut colt, or maybe buy piece by piece.

Marie Craig

I would definitely keep this set for my upcoming 2 yr old. The colors will look great on her!

Morgan Kressler

As a child I always dreamed of the day I would have my own horse. I am still currently waiting today. Right now I am currently leasing a beautiful Appaloosa pony. If I were to win this gorgeous set of tack, I would definitely pay it toward to my wonderful trainer. Who always goes out of her way to help others! I wouldn't be as successful in my riding today without her.

Paula Rhodes

I always wanted a horse as a child & didn't get one till I was 17 years old. All my friends had horses that I could ride, but never my own. If I win this set, I will give it the neighbor children because they need a new set. All my horses have died from "old age" now and I just have old pets. My Emu, who lives in the back yard, is about 28 years old & he is lonesome. Maybe we will get another horse if I win.


We have six Appaloosas and buy all our Dewormer from Valley Vet Supply. Great deals and always fast shipment. We also buy products for our dogs as well from Valley Vet Supply.

Tiffany Gook

I always dreamed of owning a horse ever since I was little. My parent didn't have the money but they would get me horse related items. One year they sponsored a rescue horse in my name and it was the best thing ever! Then, just before Christmas when I was a freshmen in high school, my parents said we were going to the movies...only we ended up at a local barn that gave rising lessons. Turns out they had bought me my first horse, Holly! She was appropriately named for a Christmas present. 18 years later and I still have my baby girl and have picked up a couple other horses along the way. Love my four legged babies!


I would pay it forward!!! love weaver leather and all their tack!!

Ashley Olson

I wished from the time I was very little have a horse. I finally got one when o was 12. I have had them ever since.

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