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Hey there i was hoping for halters not head stalls I have 3 mules now youngest is ready to ride but doesn't have any tack got a saddle but he doesn't need anything fancy just large size.
Thanks Len


These are the only blankets I buy for my horses.Not only do they wear well, but wash up really good as well. I don't buy any other. Very happy with them and the fact that they have a tail flap for extra warmth.


I would just like to win something for once.

Laura Xena Wolfe

Since I've never gotten a blanket/sheet for my new horse, I really am unsure about specifics, so I will try my best on designing one..If I was able to design a horse blanket, I would like to use a outer waterproof material, with a thin lining of sheepskin/fleece/wool material underneath with a trim made of suede... It would have Velcro strips under the belly area and buckle fasteners on the chest area.... Around the neck area could have the waterproof material or a wind blocking material with a thin layer of sheepskin with suede trim, and would attach around the neck with snaps.

Lewella Tembreull

1. I look for a fit that isn't going to rub that all important last hair of the mane on my miniatures and small Shetlands.
2. If I were designing a blanket I would want a wide belly band so the blanket doesn't slip around and rub mame hairs.

Wendy Regier

I don't blanket until I have to, if I have a show horse or if it is going to be very cold or if a horse needs extra warmth.

I look for durability, adjustability and bright colors. I like the higher necks as long as they can be adjusted. I like solid fronts. I like durable leg straps, sewn into the blanket and crisscross belly straps .

Erin Dean

Price is a big factor! But then so is durability. I have a 16h paint gelding who thinks it's fun to rip blankets off other horses. As long as it fits, doesn't rip easily and is in my budget, that's all I care about.

Bethany Waldron

I look for durability in a blanket, I have some crazy horses!

I would love a red blanket design, just plain and simple. :)

Heather Felkey

What i look for in a blanket is first durability, second fit, and third price. Then style and other added options (hood, adjustable neck straps, belly band, etc).

If i could design a blanket i would make it very durable to withstand horses playing and rolling, it would have a removable belly band option, nylon lining with various fills, a detachable hood, high neck with adjustable straps, closed front or overlapping velcro open front with snaps. Overall, it would be the type of blanket that is a one size fits all while still providing warmth. I would have it come in 4 colors: dark purple, navy blue, dark red, and burnt orange.

Whitney Thompson

I look for a blanket that is durable, breathable, waterproof and easy to use. Replaceable straps, clips and buckles help extend the life of the blanket. Finding a blanket that is also adjustable in the shoulders and chest with a deep/long coverage for the horse's barrel is great too. Any color other than the traditionals is always fun!

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