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Alissa Achenbach

I like traditional tack with some bling

Anissa Achenbach

I like bling

Nicole Bottomly

honestly i love all types of tack! my theme for my horse is more indian which is why i LOVE this set! it would go so good with my theme and i only have on bridle at the moment.


I love bling and or color on my tack. It just pops off of my horses. My mare is a buttermilk buckskin so color just pops!

Jessica Ott

I prefer traditional style tack but there's nothing wrong with a little bling here and there! :)

Tianna chartier

I vary time to time on what type of tack I want to use depending on my mood!! Tack that is good soft thick leather with subtle embellishments is my typical choice!


Love the bling! My horse is the one thing I can handle with bling. Still has to function and be comfortable to work with though.

Cindy Paradine

I prefer traditional tack with subtle embellishments.

Paul Bowman

I prefer traditional tack for everyday use; no bling, just useful and hard working cowboy/cow horse gear.

Jennifer Silver

I prefer traditional tack

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