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Steve Smith

Have never heard of them, but now that I have it makes for an interesting thought when dealing with all of our horses. They do seem kind of pricey, but quality comes with a price.


Yes, I have heard of Ice-Vibe boots, but I've never used them before. Would definitely be interested in trying them as a cold therapy method!

Laura Kurth

My sister owns a pair and used them on her mare that had a suspensory injury on her front leg. It worked great for swelling and helped with repair! Great product! I've always wanted a pair, but am in college and have just not had the funds to make it happen.

Marissa Beane

What has stopped me from trying them?

Honestly, I cannot afford them. My gelding is coming home from reining training next month- I already am doing everything I can to give him the best of everything, but with the cost of training, living, bills, etc I just can't swing the price.

I would be over-the-moon with excitement to be able to own a pair of these to make sure he stays sounds and comfortable after giving me 110% try every time he is worked.

Carrie Marxen

I have heard about these boots and read reviews regarding their benefits. I've been reluctant to purchase them because of the cost compared to other products claiming similar benefits. I'd love to give these a try!

Kathy Chambless

This is my first introduction to Ice-Vibe boots and I am excited to know there is a product that recognizes heat is so damaging to our horses legs. Great job Ice-Vibe!
Now that I know Ice-Vibe has a product that further helps my horse, I will certainly get a pair. Thanks Ice-Vibe!


1. I have not heard of the ice vibe boots. It is the first time I hear of them and haven't use them.

2. I looked at the description and the price and I think they are amazing and would like to try them. The price is what would stop me from trying them.

Allie Keen

1.) Have you heard of the ICE-VIBE boots and have you used them?

I have heard of Ice-Vibe boots and have had the pleasure of using them. They worked some serious magic on my horse and literally saved her life. It's a complex situation, so I will leave it at that...

2.) What has stopped you from trying them?

The cost! Right now I just don't have the money, but Ice-Vibe boots are worth it 10,000% and then some! Can't wait to get a pair someday!

Thank you for the opportunity :)

Heidi Johnson

I have a pair and love them!

Tracy Peterson

Yes, I have heard of Ice-Vibe Boots. I have several friends who have them and swear by their awesomeness. Currently saving towards owning my own pair. Would sure love to win a pair.

Thank you!

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