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Scot Lanham

Have not heard of them or used them. Have used a competitor product though. They look like really nice boots though.

Sonja Becker

Yes I've heard of ICE-VIBE boots, but I have not used them. My granddaughter has an older barrel that could really benefit from a pair😃😃😃

Lavon Martin

No I have not heard of your Ice vibe boots but I would love to own a pair just in case my horses should ever need them. I have been back to showing for the past three years & have been lucky to have no injuries to my horses. So if you pick me as the winner I would use them as necessary & would tell everyone how good they are. Thank you!!


I have heard of ice vibe boots! I've heard that they are amazing! The
price is defiantly something that has stopped me because it is quite rather on the expensive side so if I was able to get my very own pair I would definanlty recommended them to everyone!

Jen ross

Yes'm I've heard of them but the price has always stopped me 😞


I have not heard of Ice Vibe. I know of similar products, but thankfully have not had a need for them yet.


I love my Ice Vibe boots! I use front boots and hock boots on my reining horse and attribute alot of the joint and supporting structures good health to regular use of the Ice Vibe boots. Everyone I've loaned them to have loved them.


I've heard amazing things about Ice Vibe boots but had already purchased Finn-Tack Ice boots and could not afford to buy a new set of ice boots until those die. I'm rehabbing a SDFT injury on my coming 4 year old OTTB, so I'm sure it would be great to have a pair to see if it actually makes a difference in her tendon injury over the regular ice boots!


I have seen the Ice Vibe boots but have not used them because of the cost.


I have been wanting to try a pair of these but cost has been a factor. It would be great to win them to see how they work and if I needed to order another pair.

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