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Valley Vet Supply

Congratulations Richard Kuykendall, you're the winner!

Karol Kay Hanson

My favorite boots are Ariats ... honestly, I've been wearing the lace up riding boots for years and just recently purchased a new pair or the H2O ones to have on hand when the ones I have now wear out. They're going into the 3rd year of wearing everyday to feed & ride. I'd love to own a pair of the Ariats cowboy boots that you're giving away .. really like those!!!

Ann Albee

I love my Ariat Paddock boots. Truly comfortable and very durable. I am new to Ariat so far only have owned this pair 10 months.

Amy Smith

Ariats are my favorite brand. I look for comfort & durability. Usually last a couple of years.

Teresa Myers

Ariat square and round toe! Love them! Have had to tear the inside back out of one pair as they wore out completely. Still wearing them as comfort is still there. I wear them everyday to work around the farm. Have had them 2 years now.

Bobbi Proctorr

Ariat boots, of course. A pair of boots lasts about 2 years with the wear I give them.

Bobbi Fuhrman

I got my first pair of Ariats as hand me downs from a friend. I have worn nothing else since. That pair of boots has lasted close to 10 years and they are starting to look a little rough. Comfort is key in boots and nothing is more comfortable than Ariat boots.

Abigail Martin

I only wear Ariats, always have. A good pair of dress boots can last years but I tend to out grow them after 2. Work boots generally only last a year before I get a hole in them or a tear in the leather.

Sheila Menendez

Always Ariats! They need to be sturdy, good looking, and clean up nice.

A good pair of boots usually last about 4-6 years. (Crappy boots usually only last about a year)

Kathy Gallman

I love Ariat boots! They are so comfortable, and they last forever. Definitely my favorite brand of boots!

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