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Debbie Carney

Look forward to have less feeding chores and grass pasture!

JoDee Myers

Look forward to fewer barn chores!

Cindy Martin

Spring grass means less chores. My husband, he is a blessing at chore time.


I love to watch the cattle enjoy their new, open area. They seem to have new energy!! I definitely need my coveralls!!

The Moore Family

In the spring when the cattle and horses get put on pasture I enjoy watching them graze on the lush grasses they faithfully waited all winter long for. Of course my family and I love watching God's grace and beauty of new life. One item I can't live without while preparing for the spring cattle season would be a good pair of pliers. Of course I love my dogs and horses but they are more than an items to us they are part of our family and we all work together.

joyce smith

Springtime brings melting snow, green grass, and farm animal babies. Just when winter seems it will never does! I cannot get along without my horses who work hard and bring joy to my life.

Ruth Strontzer

When spring comes so does great weather for riding trails and open meadows. Spring also comes with longer days. It brings with it the one thing every livestock owner has to live with, shedding season.

Spring comes green grass that always looks better on the other side of the fence. My electric fence helps keep the critters on the right side of the fence where they belong and out of trouble.

Del Phifer

I love the spring rains, and green grass. I most depend on my fencer more than anything. It helps me know my animals are safe in their pens.

Jill Walton

I love riding outside in the spring. Seeing the green grass and flowers come up. Calves with their mothers. Bugs are the few annoyances of spring.

Diana McCaleb

I love seeing everything come back to life, and newborn kids bounding everywhere. Also I have Raynaud's, so no more frozen hands is a huge plus.

I couldn't do without my wonderful husband's help, he makes all the difference at kidding time. Not to mention daily goat and horse chores.

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