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Kendra Cardella-Soto

I love Spring as I watch the new lambs running and leaping for sheer joy. I love the beautiful green pastures with waving grass, and the full ewes lounging in the shade after grazing all morning.

I could not do without my loyal and brave livestock guardian dogs. They make having my flock of sheep possible, and never fail me. They are also a joy to watch doing their jobs.

Marilyn Kapsner

I love spring because everything comes back to life and new little babes are born. My horses love the pasture where they can run and jump. I can't live without the tractors and machinery.

Cheryl Dawkins

I love sitting on my porch and taking in the awesome views of God's creation. The birth of spring with fresh green grass and trees is breathtaking! And of course, the calves are a joy to watch. And no more hay!! We can't do without our trusty Kubota tractor. It makes our farm chores so much easier!


The cows are more excited than we are at being turned out to pasture and fewer chores allows us more time to get out and ride.

Denise Key

I look forward to not having to buy hay for the girls. I couldn't do without my farm guardian dogs!!!


Look forward to looking out the window while washing dishes and seeing happy cows on pasture!

Lynda Hastings

Spring brings with it a warmth that has been missing for months and the promise of new life. Even the sun shines brighter. I love all the new births. Not just calves or foals but the wildlife as well. I don't think I could do without my sweet bay mare. She is both best friend and part time therapist.

Jessie Short

I love after winter seeing the livestock out in the pasture grazing on the open green. Less work and much better for all including we humans. Cannot live without an automatic water trough. Neither can the animals.

Mike tangen

Things I like most about turning the cows is the time it frees up to do other tasks on the farm. I also enjoy getting away and checking cows out at pasture. The one thing I couldn't live without would be my work pickup it's more or less my mobile office.

Jo Ashley

More sunshine and the smell of rain and green grass. Can't live without Bear, my cow dog.

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