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Debbie Carney

I warm them up by stretching then some round penning.

Nicky Grace

My horse had a bad pasture accident two years ago that resulted in severe nerve and spinal cord injuries. Her recovery has been great but she the left side of her body can cause her trouble mostly by her shoulder and hip going out. We warm up slowly, usually bend and stretch, 10 to 15 minutes walking and then add some trotting.
Wow, an increased blood flow and heat radiation would be so effective with warm up and after exercise. I could see how it would help her shoulder and hip staying relaxed and not go out as much or not at all.

Katrine  Smith

I start with a long trot at the an extended pace really letting the horse stretch and push up under themselves to warm up the muscles. Then I move to isolated stretching like shoulder in/out, hip in/out, turning on the forehand, and leg yielding to really stretch and warm up the horses body and mind.

Jenny Dixon

I like to walk the horse for at least 5 min and trot for another 5 before loping

Steph P.

My TB and I do a lot of "check-in" on the ground before mounting up. I want to see what his state of mind is for the day and help him through anything needed (as well as gives me time to focus correctly and authentically). Once mounted we do a lot of forward walking to get the joint fluids moving. Only then will I ask for some basic movements that require some flexion and it helps me see if he's "stuck" or stiff anywhere. We address that as much as possible and so forth.

Mickie Jaeger

This would be great and such a useful prize!!!


I warm my mare up by starting at a walk for about 20 minutes. We do this in the ring or on a trail ride. I know there are products out there that can help with the warmup process, but I have not invested in them yet.
I can see this would be especially beneficial at shows where you may not have the warmup time your horse really needs.

Gail Martine

I warm up my mare by walking slowly. I am not able to ride a lot so she is out of shape and needs to walk slowly and on return to the barn needs rubbed down and walked to help avoid soreness. The horse sheet would help with both of these.

Abbey Farmer

I warm my horses up by walking on slight hill around our farm. then I add some gradual leg yields and transitions. I also use a back on track blanket when it is cool enough out.

Peggy Watkins

I warm up with slow exercise at a walk move up to a trot while still going thru several maneuvers. slow loping, backing side passes. Each horse requires a different workout depending on their level of fitness.

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