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Melinda Clark

I recently bought a horse with problems that I was not aware if. She has issues with her L4-L6 which makes her sore in the hind end and which will sometimes make her drag her right back leg. To make sure to much weight is not added at one time, I take her into a round pen an lounge her 10-20 minutes until she shows that she moves more smoothly. I was advised to work her slow and as long as she would take a rider to ride her. With that said, I can tell when riding her she sometimes has better days than others. I don't think it's fair since she's only 7 years of age. Please help her. She would be a good candidate.

jamie king

I use PHT magnets on my horses usually always before I ride and on the way to shows. Then to warm up while im on their back we walk around for awhile then trot a good bit.

Deb Silverman

Walking exercises encouraging lots of movement of shoulders and haunches for 10-15 minutes intermittent hills while bending and stretching. Then sitting trot / walk transitions.

Sara Hunt

My 29 year old does great with a light warmup of just loose rein, forward walking with some small hills around the property/neighborhood. I use a ThinLine and shimmed Skito foam pad to help keep her back comfortable as at her age she needs a little help along her topline to ensure comfortable saddle fit! She sometimes has windpuffs on her legs if she doesn't move enough in her paddock and I would love Theramic wraps to put on her to help prevent these!


I start off with walking and gradually move into a slow trot. Lots of lateral bending and backing circles to help get him stretched out and warmed up.

cindi o

I warm up my horses but slow and relaxed riding at first. Walk, trot, canter both ways without worrying about them giving me everything yet. Let the body and mind warm up to working.


I warm my horse up by stretching first. Then I walk for 5 min, trot for 5 min and then lope. I do this both directions. I don't currently use and products to help get them in shape.

Marla Perlstein

While grooming I massage my horse's pole area and neck where she is usually tight. I do 15 minutes of walk changing direction and going from working to free walk, circling, leg yielding in both directions Then I do trot / walk transitions in both directions and do a little canter in both directions to let her stretch out. Then we go to work.

Erin White

At home, our horses are on 24 hour turnout, which makes warming them up a little easier. Once under saddle, they are walked, trotted and cantered gradually, while I remain in 2 point. Once they have done some figures and lateral work, then I begin collected work. At competitions, when our horses are stalled, they stand in Back on Track products for at least 2 hours before. I like that the ceramic products seems to give my horses that little bit of extra to help them get moving in the morning!


We warm up by walking 10 minutes then alternating trotting and walking for another 10-15 minutes.

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