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We warm up by walking 10 minutes then alternating trotting and walking for another 10-15 minutes.

Shalene Rabello

I walk for about 10 minutes then move to trotting for 15-30 minutes and then center.

Kristen Snoozy

Gradual walk to trot within 20 min. Sometimes I stretch out the front legs from the ground. Also neck stretches to a carrot help. I use an Apple cider vinegar rinse after heavy work.


I groom the horse and then walk him for 30 mins.

Debbie Tyndall

I currently use a Back on track mesh sheet and stretching exercises.

Barb McNinch

I do some stretches after brushing my horse and before saddling, Poll massage, bending the neck, stretching front legs... Once on the horse I do a few more neck bends to each side, walking 5 or 6 minutes each direction.

Wendy Reznicek

Warm with a lounge line in both directions for several minutes.

john rinnier

I have Standardbred's & warm them up by slowly jogging them for about 2 miles before a workout or race

Roseanne Moresco

We walk with lots of movement of shoulders and haunches for 10-15 minutes while bending and stretching. Then sitting trot / walk transitions.


We warm up with a 15-20 minute walk and also do some simple stretches

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